The Secret To Better GPS Tracking For Fleets

GPS tracking

GPS tracking: Fleet monitoring solutions

If you’re running a fleet business, chances are you are always searching for innovative ways to become a better fleet. One of the best ways to enhance your daily operations is through the utilization of GPS tracking. Just using the system alone is fantastic, but knowing the best ways to use it is even better. Today, we’re going to talk about the secret to better GPS tracking for fleets that way you can go forth and work on being better than you were yesterday!

The not so secret part is that we’ve actually talked about this feature plenty of times in the past. The fun part is that if you’re new to GPS tracking, it may still be a secret to you. Fleet monitoring solutions just become easier with geofences! That’s right, geofences are the secret to having a better fleet. Here’s why.

With the GPS tracking feature called geofencing, it makes it possible for you to set up locations like customer addresses or job sites and see the exact location pop up on a live map. Using the GPS tracking system, creating a perimeter around a geographic area is simple! This capability becomes useful when you are trying to keep track of unauthorized vehicle usage, when you want to know that drivers are on the clock and to see when your drivers are starting or stopping a job.

Best of all, if you’re vehicles are parked overnight, you won’t need to worry about knowing if they are safe. The geofence alert set-up will send you notifications if a vehicle moves from that location. How better to make certain that your assets are not being stolen? GPS tracking with geofencing is a smart, simple solution to monitoring fleet vehicles. Ready to unlock the secret to having a better fleet?

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