GPS Tracker Benefits For Snow Removal Companies: Part 2

GPS tracker

GPS tracker: Let it snow!

As snow falls across the cities of many Northern states the snow and ice removal industry smiles with glee. Snow plows make their way through the covered streets, ready to work. In part one of this series we discussed how a lot of snow removal companies have started using GPS tracker devices to make the most out of their work days. With live GPS tracker maps, managers are able to ensure drivers are safe and arriving at destinations. They can also schedule multiple driver stops at once. In part two of this series we are going to discuss two more benefits snow removal companies can have by using their GPS tracker systems.

1.) 1, 5 and 10-second updates: Your business, especially at peak times, is ever-changing. GPS tracker devices offer a range of updates. Depending on the device you could have from 1, 5 and 10-second live GPS tracker updates. This is helpful to know the ongoing updates on geofences, speed alerts along with 90-day historical playback, text and email alerts and automatically generated email reports. The GPS tracker system sends you all the information you need to make operating a snow removal company a cinch.

2.) Weather overlay safety feature: Yes, you’re snow removal plows are meant to remove the snow and ice, but if weather is going to get really bad you don’t want your own drivers getting stuck in a mess. Inclement weather has factors all its own to contend with. The weather overlay comes standard and gives comprehensive views of weather in any area desired. It works on any web-based system and from any computer or hand-held device, smart phones included. You can plan to do your job all while being kept aware of changing conditions.

Let it snow, get your work done and be safe all at the same time. It seems too good to be true, but it’s possible with GPS tracker devices. The GPS tracker system can open untapped avenues of efficiency, accountability, and increased revenue, meaning results that are visible everywhere, including your bottom line! As winter gears up to toss out more snow, you could be suiting up your snow plowing trucks with GPS tracker devices to combat it.

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