Traveling Into 2016 With GPS Tracker Devices

GPS tracker: Safety and efficiency ahead

Are you ready to travel into the new year? For fleet business owners, this is the perfect time to contemplate over the team’s efforts in the past year and start making new business goals. Of course, you’ll want to strive for success in 2016. To help your fleet really improve you could consider the implementation of GPS tracker devices. The technology of GPS tracker systems will help propel a fleet business into a safer and more efficient future.

Safety: When drivers speed or display aggressive driving habits it puts everyone on the road in danger. If this kind of driving is allowed to continue, it can lead to expensive accident claims and a tarnished business reputation. GPS tracker technology can change that by providing management with the ability to monitor their drivers. Statistics such as speeding, harsh braking, frequent lane changes and rapid acceleration can all be viewed in generated reports.

Efficiency: Planning the fastest routes for fleet drivers can be very time consuming and nerve racking. When you have several drivers going to various locations it doubles or triples your work. The GPS tracker Advanced Routing option makes it possible to take all locations in a driver’s itinerary and order them to create the shortest route. The live map also makes dispatching easier. They can see live traffic conditions and possible road delays. This is helpful, because with a few clicks dispatchers are able to quickly re-route drivers.

Safety is obviously important for a fleet business, because it keeps your accident rate down. It also helps you maintain a decent name for your business. Moreover, having lower insurance rates isn’t a bad benefit in itself. Coupled with safety is the importance of having an efficient team. Being able to plan routes quickly allows your drivers to get to jobs quicker and get more done in one day. Traveling into 2016 with GPS tracker devices enables you to see a safer and more efficient future ahead.

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Are You Placing Your GPS Tracker Properly?

GPS tracker: Placement does matter!

If you’ve decided that GPS tracker devices were the greatest way to optimize your fleet tracking abilities, but you’ve been having some problems with installation then today’s post might be just for you! Simply put, some devices are easier to self-install than others. Today, we’re going to talk about some common devices and give quick tips on how to best place the mentioned GPS tracker devices for improved usage.

1.) With the OBD-V3 device, you probably have one of the easiest GPS tracker devices to install. If your vehicles are cars or light trucks with a model year 1996 or after then they are OBD II compliant. So, simply look at the OBD-V3 connector and locate your truck’s OBD II port that matches. The connector should be located within three feet of the driver and should not require any tools to be revealed. Look under the dash and behind ashtrays. Then plug in the device! It’s that simple.

2.) With devices such as the PT-V3 Pro you have to take a totally different approach. First, make certain that the GPS tracker unit is sitting correctly inside the box. If you get into too much of a hurry, you could accidentally place the unit upside down and find yourself having connection issues. Next, avoid placing the device somewhere that metal will be covering it up. This will interfere with your signal. DO place the device as close to the rear of the vehicle as possible, making use of the powerful magnetic box. Clip it on and get ready to go!

3.) The AT-V3, AT-V3 Pro and NT-V3 GPS tracker devices will, generally, use the basic system set-up in which placing the unit behind the instrument cluster (or highest point of dash) facing up will work. From there you simply drop the wires down to make up connections with the coordinating wires under the dash. Units with an antenna separate, like the NT-V3, will require that the installer pays close attention to the placement of antennae. One side is marked “this side up,” because if it it flipped incorrectly it will interfere with your signal. You can place this antenna under plastic and it should not cause any signal problems as long as it is facing upwards in the correct direction.

As you can see, placement does matter! Not all devices are easily installed so if you need assistance feel free to contact support with questions you may have. If you don’t have someone on staff to install your GPS tracker devices for you, feel free to contact us and we’ll get you set up with professional installation.

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Drivers Using GPS Tracking To Deliver Gifts: Part 2

GPS tracking: Helping at Christmas time

Oh what fun it is to drive in a… truck with GPS tracking!” Well, we know that’s not how the song really goes, but if you had gifts under the tree this year there just might be a chance that a delivery driver used GPS tracking to get one or more of those gifts there timely. GPS tracking is a wonderful technology that surely helped a lot of delivery drivers during this holiday season. They could have helped them navigate through bad weather and receive turn-by-turn directions from dispatching to get through the clearest, safest route.

There are few more ways we can imagine that delivery drivers made use of GPS tracking services. For example, maintenance reminders for the company vehicles. Christmas time is definitely not a good time for trucks to break down. With GPS tracking maintenance alerts, the managers are able to maintain the health of the trucks all through the year so that they are in tip-top shape for the biggest delivery time of the year. If a hiccup did occur for a reason outside of the driver’s control, the GPS tracking system would send alert back to management or dispatching so that help could be sent right away.

Another GPS tracking service that delivery drivers make good use of is geofencing. The option for geofence set-up is perfect for Christmas time in several ways. First, setting a perimeter around the lot where company trucks are parked at night adds security to the assets, ensuring that the gifts can continue to be delivered. If anyone should be foolish enough to steal a truck, the unsanctioned perimeter breach would set off an alert. GPS tracking would be responsible for giving delivery companies a substantial amount of time to take appropriate action.

GPS tracking geofences and vehicle maintenance reminders sure are life savers around Christmas time! We hope all the parents who purchased online gifts received everything in a timely manner. We also hope that all the delivery drivers made their rounds safely and are also able to enjoy time with their own families. Thanks to the technology of GPS tracking, delivery drivers act as Santa and are able to make lots of children happy.

On behalf of US Fleet Tracking, have a very Merry Christmas!

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Drivers Using GPS Tracking To Deliver Gifts: Part 1

GPS tracking: Helping at Christmas time

Most people know the old story about how Santa delivers gifts to every good boy and girl on Christmas day, but how many people really stop to think about the reality of gift delivery? Delivery drivers are like the real life version of Santa. Think about it! Tons of people order gifts online these days and all of those orders have to be delivered by someone. Have you ever considered just how difficult a delivery driver’s job is, especially around Christmas time? What could help get delivery drivers to all their locations safely and in a timely manner? For many, the answer is GPS tracking. A lot of delivery drivers will tell you that without GPS tracking, they’d be truly lost and not just literally!

One of the best benefits for delivery drivers is the option for dispatching to give turn-by-turn directions to each house. Say goodbye to getting lost! GPS tracking being installed in each vehicle means that these Santa-like drivers will never have to depend on an outdated map to arrive to each customer’s home or delivery location. Having live maps with advanced routing options decreases the chance of wasted time.

Another great benefit is the weather overlay feature. With this technology, weather delays do not have to cause setbacks for delivery drivers. GPS tracking weather updates allow delivery drivers to navigate around harsh storms. Interactive maps allow dispatchers and managers to also see where drivers might have a hard time navigating and can easily re-route drivers.

Timeliness and safety are both key factors in making sure that delivery drivers get the goods where they need to be! These are just a few ways GPS tracking is helping around Christmas time. Drivers that use GPS tracking just seem to have a better time when it comes to delivering all those gifts. If your delivery company hasn’t used GPS tracking before, but you’d like to consider having them for next year, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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GPS Trackers Are The Gift That Keep Giving

GPS trackers: Your perfect gift

Holiday shopping for many has been long finished, but we know there are always those last minute shoppers; you know who you are! Whether you’re thinking on a personal level or a business level, giving great gifts means giving something that the other person can truly see value in. Perhaps for your family, the decision making process is much easier. For business related purchases you might need a little help. Here’s where we tell you that GPS trackers are a great gift idea, because they are the gift that keep giving!

Why not purchase GPS trackers for your fleet? It’s not just something that you can see value in, but it can help everyone on your team. This is the gift that gives back on your investment, because it can help you cut money on fuel costs and reduce labor costs. In fact, hundreds to thousands of dollars can be saved on fleet expenses just within a few months.

Did you know that GPS trackers could help managers see driver statistics? Did you know you could use the information to improve driver productivity? Yes! It also helps in so many more ways. Here are just a few more examples of the wonderful ways GPS trackers can continue to bring value to a fleet business, even after Christmas is over:

  • Increases safety
  • Decreases unnecessary maintenance
  • Reduces fleet pollution
  • Improves driver response times
  • Improves customer service
  • Enables insurance discounts
  • Reduces theft

Using reporting and alert features that GPS trackers offer, there are multiple ways to achieve all of the above mentioned benefits. So rather than going crazy during the holidays, scrambling and racking your brain trying to figure out what to buy, consider GPS trackers. The benefits your fleet company would see as a result might even have you laughing just like dear, old Santa.

Ho, Ho, Ho!

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The Secret To Better GPS Tracking For Fleets

GPS tracking: Fleet monitoring solutions

If you’re running a fleet business, chances are you are always searching for innovative ways to become a better fleet. One of the best ways to enhance your daily operations is through the utilization of GPS tracking. Just using the system alone is fantastic, but knowing the best ways to use it is even better. Today, we’re going to talk about the secret to better GPS tracking for fleets that way you can go forth and work on being better than you were yesterday!

The not so secret part is that we’ve actually talked about this feature plenty of times in the past. The fun part is that if you’re new to GPS tracking, it may still be a secret to you. Fleet monitoring solutions just become easier with geofences! That’s right, geofences are the secret to having a better fleet. Here’s why.

With the GPS tracking feature called geofencing, it makes it possible for you to set up locations like customer addresses or job sites and see the exact location pop up on a live map. Using the GPS tracking system, creating a perimeter around a geographic area is simple! This capability becomes useful when you are trying to keep track of unauthorized vehicle usage, when you want to know that drivers are on the clock and to see when your drivers are starting or stopping a job.

Best of all, if you’re vehicles are parked overnight, you won’t need to worry about knowing if they are safe. The geofence alert set-up will send you notifications if a vehicle moves from that location. How better to make certain that your assets are not being stolen? GPS tracking with geofencing is a smart, simple solution to monitoring fleet vehicles. Ready to unlock the secret to having a better fleet?

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GPS Tracker Benefits For Snow Removal Companies: Part 2

GPS tracker: Let it snow!

As snow falls across the cities of many Northern states the snow and ice removal industry smiles with glee. Snow plows make their way through the covered streets, ready to work. In part one of this series we discussed how a lot of snow removal companies have started using GPS tracker devices to make the most out of their work days. With live GPS tracker maps, managers are able to ensure drivers are safe and arriving at destinations. They can also schedule multiple driver stops at once. In part two of this series we are going to discuss two more benefits snow removal companies can have by using their GPS tracker systems.

1.) 1, 5 and 10-second updates: Your business, especially at peak times, is ever-changing. GPS tracker devices offer a range of updates. Depending on the device you could have from 1, 5 and 10-second live GPS tracker updates. This is helpful to know the ongoing updates on geofences, speed alerts along with 90-day historical playback, text and email alerts and automatically generated email reports. The GPS tracker system sends you all the information you need to make operating a snow removal company a cinch.

2.) Weather overlay safety feature: Yes, you’re snow removal plows are meant to remove the snow and ice, but if weather is going to get really bad you don’t want your own drivers getting stuck in a mess. Inclement weather has factors all its own to contend with. The weather overlay comes standard and gives comprehensive views of weather in any area desired. It works on any web-based system and from any computer or hand-held device, smart phones included. You can plan to do your job all while being kept aware of changing conditions.

Let it snow, get your work done and be safe all at the same time. It seems too good to be true, but it’s possible with GPS tracker devices. The GPS tracker system can open untapped avenues of efficiency, accountability, and increased revenue, meaning results that are visible everywhere, including your bottom line! As winter gears up to toss out more snow, you could be suiting up your snow plowing trucks with GPS tracker devices to combat it.

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GPS Tracker Benefits For Snow Removal Companies: Part 1

GPS tracker: Let it snow!

Right now there are some states being covered in blankets of snow. While the majority of industries quiver in their boots as snow and winter weather storms blow through, snow removal companies thrive in those conditions. Even better, a lot of snow removal companies have turned to a high-tech approach to completing their jobs with ease. Enter GPS tracker systems. There are several GPS tracker benefits snow removal companies have come to realize. In part one of this series we are going to discuss two of those benefits.

1.) Knowing where drivers are located: Live GPS tracker maps are helpful for the snow and ice removal companies as inclement weather rolls in. With this helpful feature, managers know their crews are safe and arriving at their destinations using the clearest, safest routes. Using the GPS tracker live tracking map means being able to position your fleet to not only perform, but excel when speed and nimbleness is essential!

2.) Scheduling multiple stops: Being prepared for calls that come in is one thing; being equipped to instantaneously schedule multiple team members and lay out their whole day of stops so they focus solely on the task at hand (completing as many service stops as reasonably possible) sets you apart. Planning out routes for multiple drivers at once is as easy as clicking a few buttons, entering destinations and allowing the GPS tracker to generate a smart route.

No matter how cold it becomes, snow plowers are saying “let it snow”! Business is good when it snows, but it’s even better when they’re implementing the use of a GPS tracker system. We’re willing to bet that the winter season is still brewing up some delightful snowfalls. Whether you’re old or new to the industry, if you haven’t started using GPS tracker devices in your company trucks, it’s not too late!

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GPS Trackers Increase Chances Of Road Safety: Part 2

GPS trackers: Safety is the key

When it comes to road safety most fleet business owners have to go on faith that their drivers are doing the right thing. Those who don’t have to rely on blind faith happen to be using GPS trackers. In part one of this series, we talked about how GPS trackers can help with 2 out of 4 of the top traffic issues. Distracted driving and speeding can both be reduced by using GPS trackers. The other top two reasons for traffic accidents are reckless driving and rain. So, let’s just dive on in with part two of this series where we will tell you how GPS trackers can help with those, too!

1.) Reckless Driving: GPS trackers have a lot of different reports that can be generated. One type of report that can be pulled by management is the Aggressive Driving Report. This has significance when managers are trying to determine if unsafe driving practices are being used such as harsh braking. If a driver goes from 40 to 0 in a matter of 10 seconds it may not be so alarming, but if the same driver were to have a sudden decrease in speed from 70 to 0 in 10 seconds it should be cause for concern (as this is a sign of slamming on brakes).

2.) Rain: Traffic accidents occur when it rains due to the decreased vision and drivers often don’t slow down. Of course, common sense would tell you to avoid an accident, drive extra careful when it rains, but sometimes the rain comes on strong. In the event that drivers feel the need to pull over or want to avoid going into a bad storm, GPS trackers can help. GPS trackers with the weather overlay feature lets drivers know when storms are coming in so they can stay aware. Dispatching can also communicate to drivers to give warning if severe weather is in the forecast.

Keeping everyone safe is a top priority with a fleet business and GPS trackers have features to help. They can reduce the dangers of distracted driving, speeding, reckless driving and help drivers avoid the rain. If you’re looking for a way to increase road safety for your fleets, consider GPS trackers.

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GPS Trackers Increase Chances Of Road Safety: Part 1

GPS trackers: Safety is the key

Road safety seems to be more difficult to achieve as time goes on. Are your fleets part of the statistics for traffic accidents? If not, isn’t it still worth looking into what you could do to prevent that from happening? Researching the top reasons for traffic accidents tells us that 4 out of the top 4 include; distracted driving, speeding, reckless driving and rain. In part one of this series, we’re going to focus on how GPS trackers can help you with 2 out of 4 major traffic issues.

1.) Distracted Driving: GPS trackers can be programmed before the driver leaves the office to go to a customer’s location so there is no reason to fiddle with the device while the vehicle is moving. GPS trackers also provide ease for dispatching thanks to two-way communication. They can verbally speak to the drivers to give them turn-by-turn directions or warn about upcoming traffic, weather or obstacles so as to avoid accidents. In addition, there is no reason for cell phones to be used while en route, thanks to GPS trackers, therefore; drivers can concentrate on driving safely.

2.) Speeding: It happens to the best drivers when they’re in a hurry. The feeling that speeding is necessary to get to customers faster can be overwhelming when drivers are on a strict timeline. It’s important to remember that speeding can be financially costly and the hassles aren’t worth it! To ensure drivers aren’t ignoring the speed limit GPS trackers can be set to send management alerts. The data about the drivers’ performances can also be pulled up on speeding reports. Using this information, management can decide the best course of action from there.

The fact is, safety is the key. GPS trackers can help eliminate risks of distracted driving and speeding so that your drivers aren’t soon to become the next up on the traffic accident charts of 2015. If you’re looking for a way to combat against traffic issues, GPS trackers are a good way to do just that. If you want to know more about how GPS trackers increase chances of road safety, stick around for part two of this series.

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