3 Reasons To Be Thankful For GPS Tracking

Thankful For GPS tracking

GPS tracking: Optimal for fleets

During Thanksgiving week or even during the whole month, people from all around the United States express gratitude for things in their lives that they consider to be gifts. The thanks doesn’t have to stop at just home life, it can extend into work life, as well. We’re proud to say that many fleet managers have found bounty in the ability to deliver great service to their customers thanks to GPS tracking. If you’re one of the many companies thankful for GPS tracking then the following list will probably resonate with you. If you’re a fleet company that hasn’t discovered the benefits, feel free to stick around and learn 3 reasons to be thankful for GPS tracking.

1.) Decreased Risk: GPS tracking provides alerts for company vehicles to tell managers when vehicles are being moved out of a designated geofence. This helps to decrease theft risk. There are tons of helpful pieces of information such as speeding and aggressive driving reports which can be used to ensure your fleet drivers are being safe out there. Doing so is a great way to decrease risk of traffic accidents and keep your insurance rates lower.

2.) Increased Productivity: Just as GPS tracking can help with safety, the analytics and reporting can also be used to see trends and improve efficiencies. More specifically, monitoring employee work patterns helps managers to coach them into continuing great work habits or eliminating the questionable work ethics.

3.) Happier Customers: GPS tracking helps dispatchers set up the safest, quickest route for drivers to get to customers more timely. Customers can also be told a more accurate time frame as to when a service provider will be at their location.

GPS tracking is wonderful for ensuring your fleet is running optimally which is key to delivering great service. It’s great to be aware of the fact that work life can be better. Decreasing risks, increasing productivity and having happier customers are all things to be thankful for on a regular basis. We hope you have many more things to be grateful for as the rest of the year plays out.