The Awesome GPS Tracker Search Feature

search feature GPS tracker

GPS tracker: Data in seconds

When your drivers are out in the field they need to know how to use the easiest GPS tracker features to optimize their time. Managers also need to be able to find their vehicles quickly on a live map. There are a lot of awesome GPS tracker features you can take advantage of in order to make your fleets run smoothly and more efficiently, but one of the greatest features to use is the search feature. We’re going to go over a few reasons why this feature is so awesome.

1.) Finding Devices Quickly: In the lower left corner of your map screen you can search anything and it only takes seconds for data to generate based on your search. For example, let’s say managers need to find a specific driver or device on the map. All the manager needs to do is type in the name of said device and data will automatically pop up to show the vehicle icon related to that device. In a matter of seconds the device is found on the live map.

2.) Finding Places Easily: If a driver is out in the field and needs to have the vehicle serviced for repairs, the driver can use the search bar to locate a nearby maintenance shop. The data is pulled from Google immediately. Those shops that have store hours posted on Google will appear on the GPS tracker map as green dots. Closed shops will appear as red dots and gray dots are displayed when store hours are unknown. Yellow dots represent stores that are open now, but closing soon. The dots turn blue when you hover over them to make it easy to see which location you are looking at. Most of the locations include website links, phone numbers and addresses to make it easier for drivers.

You could use the individual control buttons if you want to get more specific about certain activities within the GPS tracker, but if you want quick data right away the search feature is the perfect feature for this. To avoid wasting time and using up fuel by driving around to places that may be further way, just use the search feature to get your drivers closer to a more suitable destination. For ease and efficiency, the GPS tracker search feature on the map is fantastic.

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