The GPS Tracking ROI Solution: Part 1

GPS tracking- ROI 1

GPS tracking: All about the savings

As a fleet business owner your ultimate goals revolve around doing what is going to be best for your bottom line. Perhaps you’re in love with the idea of utilizing GPS tracking, but you aren’t completely sure about the return on investment opportunities. The capabilities GPS tracking brings to your hands makes the upfront cost worth every penny. In part one of this series, we’re going to share you with how GPS tracking can help you see ROI in two different ways; through reducing labor expenses and by increasing your revenue.

1.) Reducing Labor Expenses: GPS tracking gives management the ability to monitor their employees’ work schedules. With the automatic start/stop times at job-sites there won’t be any need for an untrustworthy time sheet. Management can easily pull a report showing employee work times. This way, employees won’t have the opportunity to manually clock a full 8 hours of work if, in reality, they worked less.

2.) Increasing Your Revenue: By eliminating overtime hours or falsified work times, your fleet business won’t be shelling out more money than necessary. Thanks to GPS tracking you wouldn’t have all those wasted hours piling up each month which means you have more billable work hours per day. The extra capital could also allow you to put it back into your business.

As you can see, with improved fleet management, you can use fewer resources to do equal or more work. GPS tracking is all about the savings! It certainly has proven itself in many circumstances and multiple applications. The GPS tracking system easily pays for itself over time. You can even start to see results within the first month in most cases. Depending on your fleet size, in just the first month you can save up to hundreds of dollars in unnecessary labor expenses and drive your sales up. Stay tuned for part two of this series where we will discuss two more ways you can see ROI from utilizing GPS tracking.

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