Cut The Bad Seeds Using GPS Tracking

Bad Seeds - GPS Tracking

GPS tracking: Minimize the slackers

When you think about how you run your fleets and how your employees operate on a daily basis are you confident about how things are going? Does your typical work day leave you feeling as though you have all the answers in regards to what you employees were actually doing? As a fleet manager, you have a responsibility to make sure your employees aren’t wasting valuable company time. Your bottom line could be suffering as a result of slackers that you aren’t even aware of. If you want to be able to cut the bad seeds, you could start using GPS tracking.

Companies can become more efficient with vehicle routing provided by GPS tracking technology. When dispatchers know where every vehicle is, they can send out the ones closest to a particular job. The rest are displayed on a live map so there is no question about where they are. This is important as your customers are counting on you. With GPS tracking, you can also receive updates by email or text messages. With a range of reports available to you, it will never be a question as to how long an employee spent on a job-site. GPS tracking provides information on mileage, total driving time, and job start times and stop times. This data can be used to monitor job performance statistics of your employees.

GPS tracking for employees takes the guesswork out of management by giving managers access to reliable information. GPS tracking not only boosts productivity, it can also lower costs, mostly, by allowing you to cut out those who don’t have a good work ethic. If you’re worried about the employees you do have being ok with GPS tracking, you could also offer incentives to those employees that are working hard. If employees are doing what they should be doing, they won’t have anything to worry about. GPS tracking simply helps managers minimize the slackers on their crew.

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