GPS Tracker Reminders For Oil Changes

Oil Changes- GPS tracker

GPS tracker: Keeping your engine chugging

Fleet drivers spend a great deal of time in their company vehicles. Whether they are headed to a customer’s location for service or making a delivery, they are often driving for many miles each week. While other vehicle parts need to be checked and repaired from time to time, changing the oil is one of the most important parts of routine maintenance for any fleet vehicle. Remembering to do this on time is highly important, but with everything else going on it may be too easy to forget. Luckily, GPS tracker reminder for oil changes can help fleet managers remember to have their vehicles serviced.

Fleet trucks have a lot of moving parts which rub against each other, causing friction and creating heat. Oil is like the life blood of an engine in that it keeps the parts moving properly and helps to absorb the heat. If an engine goes too long without having proper oil changes the engine will become less effective. How can GPS tracker reminders help, you ask? Simple by allowing the user to schedule maintenance reminders ahead of time. The Device Maintenance module allows you to keep track of the maintenance needs of your fleet by alerting you whenever maintenance tasks are due based on mileage and/or hours-of-use.

As a fleet owner, your goal is to change the oil in your vehicles’ engines before they break down and causes major engine trouble. When it comes to remembering to change the oil, the GPS tracker can do it for you. GPS trackers are great at keeping your engine chugging so that your company doesn’t have to experience down time associated with unexpected repairs. The great part of the GPS tracker reminder alert is that it is very easy to use the scheduling system. With a little training up front you will be operating your GPS tracker system in no time!

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