How GPS Trackers Can Save Delivery Companies Money

GPS trackers

GPS Trackers Are Providing Reduced Fleet Costs

Luckily, GPS trackers can save delivery companies money in a lot of areas. Realistically, every business owner relies on some type of delivery service at some point in their business career in order to continue operations. Even personal uses require delivery fleets to do what they do. This puts a lot of pressure on delivery companies to be fast and reliable. It also puts pressure on management to make sure the business doesn’t fail financially.

With a delivery business comes the responsibility of keeping vehicles safe from theft, paying off expensive fuel charges and combating false claims from customers, whether it be against the drivers or about reportedly missing products.

Responsibility: Keeping vehicles safe from theft

Solution: GPS trackers allow for automated alerts to be sent to managers via text or email when a company vehicle is moved from a designated geofence after hours. Thus, even if a vehicle did get taken it would be much easier to pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle and retrieve it quickly.

Responsibility: Paying off expensive fuel charges

Solution: GPS trackers automatically record fuel usage percentages for analysis. GPS trackers also monitor excessive idling, driver speed and other gas-guzzling driving behaviors.

Reports generated with this information can help your team to make appropriate changes to prevent wasting fuel.

Responsibility: Combating false claims from customers

Solution: GPS trackers are integrated with the ability to keep a running list of inventory items. For a delivery business this is a huge deal! The list can help drivers to keep track of which packages have been delivered safely.

GPS trackers also have the capability to time-stamp when a driver stops and a delivery was made. Using this accurate information decreases the likeliness of false claims. The same goes with the previously mentioned recorded driver analytics. With those analytical reports, claims about how a driver was performing on the road will be easily thwarted.

While managing the fleets is a major aspect of the job, so is maintaining business costs. By keeping vehicles safe from theft, decreasing fuel costs and having the ability to reduce false claims against your delivery company, GPS trackers really do save your business money. If you’re ready to give GPS trackers a try, we’re here to deliver you some great options.

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