The Use Of GPS Tracking Geofences For Better Service

Geofencing- GPS tracking

GPS tracking: Speeding up customer service

With 3G connectivity GPS tracking makes it easy for fleet managers to see all the dots, representing your crew, on a live map. With that being said, if you have a large fleet it may get a little busy at times and become too time consuming to focus on everyone at the same time. With practice it could be done, but on those work days that chaos just seems to ensue, you can utilize the awesome GPS tracking feature known as geofencing to help you navigate through the day a little smoother.

Geofencing is a way to set virtual boundaries within the places your fleets travel. Being able to do this will help tremendously as it allows management to be in command of a group of vehicles within a region which will keep travel time down. Sometimes you need proof that a vehicle or company asset you’re tracking doesn’t leave, or enter, a specified area. The designated geofence can be any shape of perimeter that you desire; circle, square, triangle, etc. Furthermore, setting up virtual geofences with live GPS tracking authorizes you to set alerts pinpointing the area in question, and showing when a vehicle crosses into or out of any designated area, large or small.

What even more convenient is that the alerts can be sent to you any time of day by your choosing or only when a vehicle enters and/or exits your set geofence. This is a clever way to keep track of vehicles, especially ones that should not leave a lot for any reason during the night. When using GPS tracking with geofencing, by default, your drivers will be more organized, thereby; reducing time spent traveling between customer locations and speeding up customer service! GPS tracking has certainly raised the bar for customer satisfaction. Will you be reaching that bar any time soon?