Could GPS Tracking Be Utilized For Schools?

GPS tracking

GPS Tracking: Monitoring children for safety

In the past few years things have become increasingly serious for India schools where they are implementing the use of GPS tracking as a means to a safer school environment. According to Childline India Foundation they were receiving up to 5 million calls a year regarding women and child safety. With safety being questioned at every turn, GPS tracking seemed to be the education system’s go-to solution. Education officials introduced the new GPS tracking guidelines which are now in place.

To start the project, India school officials were to ensure that their school buses were equipped with GPS tracking devices and closed-circuit television cameras. The cameras were also to be installed on school grounds. Furthermore, the footage is required to be kept for a minimum of 60 days and police are to review the footage. Socialization between school bus drivers and students is also no longer allowed. Not only are GPS tracking devices being used for the overall safety of students on the way to school, but authorized officers patrol hallways for added security. Parents reportedly seem fine with these measures as the GPS tracking technology has awarded them with peace of mind about where their children are.

Any parent knows that awful feeling of losing sight of their child, whether it be while in a crowd, on the way to school or during school hours. No one wants to think the worst could be happening to their child in a public place. While the choice to implement GPS tracking for schools in India may have been a very simple one, GPS tracking for school-aged children may seem controversial to Americans. Either way it certainly does provoke some thoughts about the safety of children at school and may make you begin to wonder if GPS tracking could be utilized for schools in the USA.

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