4 Reasons To Use GPS Trackers For Mileage Tracking: Part 1

GPS trackers- Mileage

GPS trackers: Fleet management made easy

Remember when keeping track of mileage meant drivers carrying clipboards, notebooks or scrap papers around with them? Perhaps your fleet is still using this old method and trying to calculate mileage by hand. There are some free cell phone apps, but it isn’t really any less time consuming as you open the app, fill in the data manually and still have to find a way to convert it all over to a readable, tangible format. Thankfully, for fleet managers, maintaining records of multiple vehicles has been made easier with GPS trackers. GPS trackers can change the whole mileage tracking process. In part one of this series we’re going to tell you two out of four reasons to use GPS trackers for mileage tracking.

1.) Easy on drivers: Instead of fumbling with a cell phone, laptop, clipboard or loose paper sheets GPS trackers allow drivers to just drive! The system records the data of how far your vehicles are traveling in a single day. The speed driven throughout the day will also be recorded. This automation makes it easy on drivers.

2.) Report generation: All the information GPS trackers record can easily be displayed via a generated report or directly within the GPS trackers’ software. This allows for accurate record keeping when it comes to monitoring vehicle expenses, overall business expenses and even for keeping your accounting team up to speed. Think of how next year’s tax season could flow so much easier!

Isn’t it wonderful that technology has advanced so far? With GPS trackers your fleet business can streamline the process of tracking mileage. Doing so will be easier on the drivers and make generating reports a breeze. Will you start using GPS trackers to save your fleet business the trouble of manually tracking mileage? If you want to know even more benefits of using GPS trackers to track vehicle mileage, stay tuned for part two of this series!

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