Store Customer Data With GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking: Your digital Rolodex

After a crazy start to the adventure known as beginning your own fleet business you suddenly find yourself swamped with loads of customer information such as name, email, address, phone number, product or service details and fulfillment status. All of this information for one customer can be difficult to keep up with let alone hundreds of customers. Of course, if you can’t even keep track of customer data properly, then your business is stunted from growing. As a fleet business owner you and your drivers need an inventive way to keep track of it all that doesn’t require lugging around a binder of paperwork. Enter GPS tracking.

You might have heard of all the wonderful ways that GPS tracking has helped fleet business from decreasing laboring costs, minimizing vehicle repairs and even providing a more efficient payroll system, however; GPS tracking also has the ability to help you manage your customer data. Some busy days may require a technician driver to line up their work day with several stops. It can get to be cumbersome to carry around equipment while also having to keep track of a record sheet with customer data on it. It might be pretty hectic having to recall what the next customer on the list needs to have completed. GPS tracking, on the other hand, integrates with multiple industry software that allows the connection so that everyone in or outside the office can manage the customers account information.

Keep track of customer data and have a safe, easy way to export information when needed. The entries stored in the GPS tracking software can also be easily changed if needed. If you’re already implementing GPS tracking for the benefits of saving money and increasing productivity among employees, then you just found another awesomely wonderful way to make your business life much easier. If you’re a fleet business owner and you haven’t started using GPS tracking for any of the above mentioned reasons, what are you waiting for? Ditch the old Rolodex and start using GPS tracking as a digital Rolodex.

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The Top 3 GPS Tracker Reports To Check

GPS tracker: Helps you manage your data

Often times the amount of information that fleet managers need to keep track of can seem a bit overwhelming. If you feel this way, as a fleet manager, then just know that GPS trackers are some of the best devices for providing you with data you want in an easy to comprehend format. GPS trackers are very user-friendly and make it a breeze to receive various, customized reports. We know you’re busy and you may feel as though you don’t have time to check every little detail on a regular basis. So, until you become a master at handling your email inbox and/or text messages we will tell you the top 3 GPS tracker reports that you should check and the reasons why they are helpful.

1.) The Standard Report: The reason this GPS tracker report is worth a check is because it gives you all the basic information your device generates. For example, you can see the latitude, longitude, time of day and speed your vehicles drove throughout the day.

2.) The Start/Stop Report: This GPS tracker report will show you all the stops that your vehicles made which were greater than a designated time frame of your choosing. So, if you set it to one hour, then you will only see the stops where the chosen vehicle spent an hour or more.

3.) The Aggressive Driving Report: This GPS tracker report allows you to check on any aggressive driving your vehicles may be doing by reporting an increase or decrease in speed. It will allow you to see if a driver is accelerating normally to get on the interstate or is driving dangerously down a city street.

From the Standard Report you gain important information in order to help you maintain that drivers are sticking to their schedules and driving within the speed limit. Having the data from the Start/Stop Report will help you determine if drivers are spending too long at a work location based on the job that needs to be completed. Finally, the Aggressive Driving Report displays activity such as harsh braking or excessive lane changes which burn fuel faster. Being able to stop this behavior would save your fleet business money in the long run. You can have your data and read it too with GPS tracker reports.

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How GPS Trackers Can Save Delivery Companies Money

GPS Trackers Are Providing Reduced Fleet Costs

Luckily, GPS trackers can save delivery companies money in a lot of areas. Realistically, every business owner relies on some type of delivery service at some point in their business career in order to continue operations. Even personal uses require delivery fleets to do what they do. This puts a lot of pressure on delivery companies to be fast and reliable. It also puts pressure on management to make sure the business doesn’t fail financially.

With a delivery business comes the responsibility of keeping vehicles safe from theft, paying off expensive fuel charges and combating false claims from customers, whether it be against the drivers or about reportedly missing products.

Responsibility: Keeping vehicles safe from theft

Solution: GPS trackers allow for automated alerts to be sent to managers via text or email when a company vehicle is moved from a designated geofence after hours. Thus, even if a vehicle did get taken it would be much easier to pinpoint the exact location of the vehicle and retrieve it quickly.

Responsibility: Paying off expensive fuel charges

Solution: GPS trackers automatically record fuel usage percentages for analysis. GPS trackers also monitor excessive idling, driver speed and other gas-guzzling driving behaviors.

Reports generated with this information can help your team to make appropriate changes to prevent wasting fuel.

Responsibility: Combating false claims from customers

Solution: GPS trackers are integrated with the ability to keep a running list of inventory items. For a delivery business this is a huge deal! The list can help drivers to keep track of which packages have been delivered safely.

GPS trackers also have the capability to time-stamp when a driver stops and a delivery was made. Using this accurate information decreases the likeliness of false claims. The same goes with the previously mentioned recorded driver analytics. With those analytical reports, claims about how a driver was performing on the road will be easily thwarted.

While managing the fleets is a major aspect of the job, so is maintaining business costs. By keeping vehicles safe from theft, decreasing fuel costs and having the ability to reduce false claims against your delivery company, GPS trackers really do save your business money. If you’re ready to give GPS trackers a try, we’re here to deliver you some great options.

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How To Get Your Drivers On Board With GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Get the most for your fleet

When fleet managers implement anything new it is always important for them to consider the drivers, because without them there wouldn’t be a business to run. That’s just simple common sense, of course. So, as with any new policy or operating standard when GPS trackers are introduced there may be some smoothing over you need to do to make certain that your drivers are on board. As a fleet manager you may already know that benefits of GPS trackers are clear, but your drivers may not be so quick to accept them. There are a few ways that you can make the transition a little easier on your drivers and you’ll want to do so to get the most out of GPS trackers for your fleet.

When getting started, it’s important to be upfront with your employees. If you can help it, try to talk about the idea with them before making the final decision to implement GPS trackers. If you’ve already decided that GPS trackers are going to be installed on your company vehicles, then now it the time to let them know about the plan. Paint them a verbal picture of how this will benefit the company, but also point out that GPS trackers aid in making drivers safer with panic alert features. In addition, you will know where they are located so if an emergency arises, you will know exactly where to send help. Moreover, GPS trackers can also make their jobs easier in some aspects as they will no longer have as much paperwork to carry around. A lot of data can be automatically recorded with GPS trackers for more efficient mileage tracking, customer billing and employee work hours.

Teaching them how to use GPS trackers to improve their overall workday is key to helping them feel content with the transition. On the off change that an easier work environment and driver safety aren’t enough to win them over, starting an employee recognition program could be your golden ticket to getting drivers on board with GPS trackers. Since GPS trackers automatically record driver analytics it would be easy to know which drivers are obeying the rules of the road. Rewarding good drivers is an incentive to reduce aggressive driving and amp up productivity.

These are just a few easy steps to take to ensure that your use of GPS trackers goes smoothly. Good luck!

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GPS Tracking Advantages For Plumbing Companies

GPS tracking: Setting up a pipeline of success

Many industries have discovered that their companies have been managed more successfully by utilizing GPS tracking devices. It’s no surprise that among the ranks of successful managers are plumbing companies. It’s not hard to imagine that managing a plumbing company can be a tough job, but GPS tracking eases the burden quite a bit. Today, we’re going to go over some of the major GPS tracking advantages for plumbing companies.

1.) GPS Tracking Is Customer Friendly: We all know when plumbing issues arise, it’s usually an emergency situation and customers need help fast. We say GPS tracking is customer friendly, because the benefit of being able to provide quick customer service not only makes your plumbing company look better, but it makes the customer happy. Using GPS tracking software you can easily provide accurate estimated times of arrival to ease their minds. With the live map and two-way communication feature, there isn’t much dispatchers can’t do to ensure drivers get to the customer’s location quicker and safer.

2.) GPS Tracking Saves The Company Money: Thanks to the optimized route planning and live map tracking, labor costs get decreased. GPS tracking allows drivers to get to location quicker, finishing work faster and saving on overtime. In addition, less driving means lower fuel costs. Even in times when gas prices fall, it’s always nice to save a bit of cash anywhere possible. Any plumbing company can see the advantage of spending less on payroll and fuel.

Improving customer service and saving money are advantages that just scratch the surface of everything GPS tracking has to offer. Before too long you could be seeing a true return on investment due to all the benefits GPS tracking can bring to your business. If you own or manage a plumbing company, now is the perfect time to start setting up a pipeline of success.

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Receive Important GPS Tracker Updates Via Mobile Phone

GPS tracker: Mobile-friendly for convenience

Thinking about the way Americans operate today makes it pretty easy to say that a large number of people couldn’t even go one day without their cell phone. The use of mobile devices has escalated over the years to the point that they are used for numerous, important life activities. Many people even rely solely on their Smartphone for access to online services and information. Fleet managers are among the population of busy workers who feel the need to constantly check their phones. For those individuals that feel like reviewing GPS tracker updates would be too much of a hassle, yet they are always on their phones, here’s a surprise. GPS tracker updates can be viewed via mobile phone!

Think about how easy obtaining reminders of scheduled vehicle maintenance could be. Having the information sent directly to managers empowers them to maintain that drivers are working efficiently with fewer breakdowns, accidents, and high-dollar repair bills. In addition, GPS tracker alerts can do much more for a fleet. For example, the panic button provides a level of safety for drivers as well, because like other alerts, when the button is pushed the warning is sent directly via text. The GPS tracker alert system enables you to create an endless number of alerts and the most convenient part is that the alerts can be set to send a text message and/or an email anytime the programmed event takes place.

Not only are alerts helpful, but you can also chose to run reports about various driver analytics including speed, idling, aggressive driving and mileage. Even though some reports are available to be sent via email only, that’s not a problem for the GPS tracker software that’s mobile-friendly! We all know email is accessible on a Smartphone, too. If your fleets are utilizing the GPS tracker software, there is no reason why cell phones couldn’t be used, even for work.

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Advanced Routing Options With GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: The smart way to plan and drive

A common task on a fleet manager’s to-do list is to ensure drivers are being efficient while conducting daily duties. Fleet managers understand better than anyone the intricacies of planning and delegating out the work load among all drivers. A great way fleet managers can streamline this activity is by having the digital aid of GPS trackers. With GPS trackers no phone calls are needed to coordinate the positioning of each driver to their next destination. Dispatching can utilize advanced routing options with GPS trackers so that drivers have a clearly planned path set before them.

Using advanced route planning is an optimization solution to finding the best route for fleets. GPS trackers with advanced route options allow you to set up pre-determined routes by placing them directly on the map. Not only is it super easy and smart for dispatching to plan out the path, but they can also program a route alert. With this function, a notification will be sent when a vehicles strays from the designated route. This isn’t just a means of keeping drivers on schedule, but also to ensure their safety as them veering from their marked path could mean something dangerous occurred. If an accident should occur you’d want to know about it right away and with GPS trackers you can.

What if dispatching decides they want to change the route? In case dispatching notices traffic conditions or construction will get in the way of a timely arrival for the driver the previously planned route can easily be changed. You can edit any route you have created at any time. If you want to delete a route you have created that can easily be done, also. If the path ahead appears to difficult to navigate solely with visual aid, the two-way communicator can be used to speak directly to the driver. With all the advanced routing options of GPS trackers, it’s inevitable that fleet managers will be able to assign tasks better. It also allows drivers to effectively complete jobs as there is no guess work as to where to travel to next.

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The Use Of GPS Tracking Geofences For Better Service

GPS tracking: Speeding up customer service

With 3G connectivity GPS tracking makes it easy for fleet managers to see all the dots, representing your crew, on a live map. With that being said, if you have a large fleet it may get a little busy at times and become too time consuming to focus on everyone at the same time. With practice it could be done, but on those work days that chaos just seems to ensue, you can utilize the awesome GPS tracking feature known as geofencing to help you navigate through the day a little smoother.

Geofencing is a way to set virtual boundaries within the places your fleets travel. Being able to do this will help tremendously as it allows management to be in command of a group of vehicles within a region which will keep travel time down. Sometimes you need proof that a vehicle or company asset you’re tracking doesn’t leave, or enter, a specified area. The designated geofence can be any shape of perimeter that you desire; circle, square, triangle, etc. Furthermore, setting up virtual geofences with live GPS tracking authorizes you to set alerts pinpointing the area in question, and showing when a vehicle crosses into or out of any designated area, large or small.

What even more convenient is that the alerts can be sent to you any time of day by your choosing or only when a vehicle enters and/or exits your set geofence. This is a clever way to keep track of vehicles, especially ones that should not leave a lot for any reason during the night. When using GPS tracking with geofencing, by default, your drivers will be more organized, thereby; reducing time spent traveling between customer locations and speeding up customer service! GPS tracking has certainly raised the bar for customer satisfaction. Will you be reaching that bar any time soon?

Manage Major Events Using GPS Trackers: Part 2

GPS trackers: Logistics for a successful event

When you’re planning a major event it can get to be a little overwhelming to say the least. You know you’re in trouble when you start to think the large event may too hard to manage alone. Keeping track of the people, the show and all while keeping your sanity is a lot to maintain. Did you know GPS trackers could help you manage your event? GPS trackers could be your answer to peace of mind. In part one we explained just how simple managing your crew could be. Now, we just want to break it down a bit further, because there are more ways that GPS trackers can make managing major events better.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to bring a level of safety to your participants, the crowd and for your own belongings? With the logistics that GPS trackers offer the event organizers, police officers or other important officials would be able to have access to the portions of the system they needed to help manage the event in a controlled environment. You can also set up alerts with the GPS trackers so that you can be notified the second any of your vehicles or equipment should be moved without your permission or outside of a designated geofence. The panic alert feature is also useful should drivers break down or have another emergency situation.

Having so much knowledge about the happenings before, during and after your event could save you from a nightmare situation. With information so readily available, taking appropriate action to keep things running smoothly can be a cinch. Live GPS trackers have it all; the ability to provide organization to the crew, track participates of your event and bring safety to everyone involved. Take your next event to an all new level of awesome with GPS trackers.

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Manage Major Events Using GPS Trackers: Part 1

GPS trackers: Logistics for a successful event

If you’ve ever been charged with the task of managing a large scale event, then you know exactly what kind of pressure there is to get every little detail just right. When you’re the planner of a major event you just know you’re going to be having to keep track of a lot of people and trying to figure out just how to do that can be challenging. That’s why for big events, whether it be sports shows, marathon races or otherwise, GPS trackers are a perfect solution. Managing major events using GPS trackers makes every aspect of the job much easier.

With GPS trackers, there is an increased ability for event managers to monitor their organizational crew. This can easily be done thanks to the GPS trackers’ reporting and alert functions. Knowing where your staff is located and doing what they’re supposed to be doing is an important part of an event manager’s job. What if some of your crew members are stuck in traffic or road blocks have been put up due to the event? With GPS trackers there is a live map available with the click of a few buttons. It’s a simple solution to help re-route workers to an accessible path and get them to work on schedule!

Not only can GPS trackers be used to keep track of your own staff members, but the logistics can be used to ensure you have a successful event by monitoring participants live! Are you ready to take your next event to a new level with GPS trackers? There has never been a better way to track mass participation events and it has never been easier. If you’re still not convinced that GPS trackers can help you manage your next event, stay tuned for part two and you just might change your mind.

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