Fleet Managers Utilize GPS Tracking To Monitor Speeding

07.24.15- GPS tracking

GPS tracking: How fast are they driving?

In the grand scheme of everything that a fleet manager has to worry about on a regular basis it may be easy for them to forget that speeding is an important issue. According to findings reported in the National Survey of Speeding Attitude and Behavior (conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation) one out of every five drivers admit to trying to get to their destination as fast as possible. On the same token, they were aware of the risks, but some admitted “speeding is something I do without thinking.” It’s important that fleet managers be aware that their drivers could be amongst those majorities. If they speed without thinking, how can they fix a problem they aren’t aware of? The solution to being able to help fleets control their speed is very simple; GPS tracking.

First, you may be wondering “is speeding really a big problem?” The same data gathered in the U.S. Department of Transportation’s survey also found that the reason speeding is such a problem is that deaths due to excess speed account for nearly a third of all traffic fatalities on our nation’s roads each year. GPS tracking for fleets can help take your drivers out of the nasty equation. Thanks to GPS tracking, managers can receive detailed reports about every driver’s speeding habits. The GPS tracking devices generate speeding reports which show if a vehicle went over a certain speed within a 90 day period.

Using the speeding report from the GPS tracking software, fleet managers can educate their drivers using their own statistics as a learning tool. Using GPS tracking to report on speeding is more than just a lesson. It also plays significant role on continuing to reduce incidents of speeding among all your drivers. Less speeding means less risk for accidents, less risk for speeding citations and less risk of spending the business’ income on vehicle repairs. Are you willing to make a change for the future and have better than average drivers?

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