Navigation System Got You Lost? You Need GPS Tracking

07.17.15- GPS tracking

GPS tracking: Superior mapping with serious results

Has one of your drivers ever typed in a desired address into their personal navigation system only to find that the system took them the long way around? What about the times the GPS navigation system was totally off base and sent a driver somewhere they weren’t even trying to go? These are the woes that trouble your drivers when your company chooses to use GPS navigation systems rather than true GPS tracking devices. Personal navigation devices may be a cheaper option, but they aren’t superior. Here’s why you need GPS tracking for serious map results.

1.) Updated maps: GPS tracking devices aren’t just equipped with pre-set maps. GPS tracking maps are kept up to date and a minimal fee goes into keeping them preserved and maintained.

2.) Instantaneous data: GPS tracking devices relay information via cellular service to a tracking platform and converts its coordinates into a point on a map. The best part? GPS tracking is live and with US Fleet Tracking’s products you get as little as 1-second, live updates.

3.) Automatic reminders: Can’t remember to rotate the tires every few thousand miles? Or maybe you can’t remember when the last oil change was? With GPS tracking you can schedule maintenance reminders of all sorts so there is no forgetting.

Think your personal navigation system can do all that? Think again. The personal navigation system is set up to be nothing more than a pretty face with a map and, if you’re lucky, a talking voice. The problem stems further than that, however; as GPS navigation systems don’t have maps that automatically update to show current traffic conditions, road hazards or other structural changes. GPS navigation systems simply don’t allow your fleet to operate as efficiently as they could. It’s clear that with so many benefits, GPS tracking is the smarter way to go. They offer you superior mapping with serious results.

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