GPS Tracking Can Help With Summertime Fleet Maintenance: Part 1

07.13.15- GPS tracking

GPS tracking: Reminders for maintenance needs

You know summer has truly arrived when the air is hot and the sun is shining brighter. With every changing season, it’s always a good idea for your fleet to have a checklist of things to prepare your vehicles simply to maintain their functionality. There are so many ways that GPS tracking can help your fleet with summertime maintenance and we’ve split this series into two posts. GPS tracking is amazing for many things! Today, we’re going to focus on summertime maintenance tips for the exterior of your company vehicles.

1.) Clean your trucks: Fleet vehicles do a lot of driving, everywhere. After all the dirty rain from spring time it may be a good idea to give your trucks’ undercarriages a squeaky clean wash. You could also wash and wax the outside of the vehicles for protection.

2.) Check wiper blades: The stormy season could have caused some wear and tear on your wiper blades. Inspect them for damage and replace when necessary.

3.) Change brake pads: If your brakes start squeaking or you start to hear a metal scrapping sound, then it’s imperative to replace brake pads soon. Damage to the rotor will cost much more.

4.) Do tire checks: Rotate tires if it has been a while since the last rotation. Check air pressure, tire tread and any signs of damage such as nails sticking in. Replace tires if necessary.

One of the most strenuous things a large fleet company manager must deal with is ongoing vehicle maintenance. You may be thinking, “what does all this maintenance have to do with GPS tracking?” The answer is that GPS tracking devices with maintenance alerting features can make your life easier. GPS tracking software allows you to enter in any type of maintenance reminder based on mileage, run time hours or set dates. This could include reminders on services like when to clean your vehicles, check your wiper blades, change your brake pads and rotate tires. For more summertime maintenance tips for your fleet, stay tuned for part two of this series.

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