How GPS Trackers Can Protect Firefighters

GPS trackers

GPS trackers: Helpful during a hot summer

In this hot, dry climate that is typical in the southern states about this time of year, it is no surprise that wildfires pose a great risk. Where there are wildfires or grass fires, firefighters will be needed. The problem is that over the years, the National Fire Protection Association, has recorded data which reflects that there have been quite a lot of firefighter fatalities due to wildfires. It’s too easy for firefighters to get lost in large fields of sweeping fires. Other than the protective gear required for firefighters to do their job in the field, there are other ways firefighters need to be protected. Thus, something had to be done to keep better tabs on the squad members while they were fighting off the wildfires. It is for this reason that many firefighter squads have already implemented the use of GPS trackers for the team members as way to keep themselves protected.

Some firefighters have Fire trucks that have been equipped with GPS trackers. Data such as speed, location and direction of the Fire truck may be helpful to supervisors. In addition, GPS trackers are used for firefighters much like they are for the trucks. The number one way that GPS trackers have helped firefighters is thanks to the live map feature. The map feature shows supervisors a map with lit up dots representing each firefighter. While the firefighters are fighting off the blazing wildfire in question, the supervisor can have a live view of each person’s exact location. This increases the chance of rescue should a fire become out of control.

In time, GPS trackers have taken the industry to a new level. GPS trackers have powerful features to increase the supervisor’s visibility of firefighters from a distance, thus; keeping everyone safe. With technology so readily available there is no reason why Fire trucks and firefighters shouldn’t be better protected. The men and women putting their lives on the line for others deserve the best in safety standards.

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