4 Ways GPS Tracking Benefits Fleets: Part 2

GPS tracking: Improving business practices

Today is the last day of this month and like many businesses, your gearing up to take on the next one. As August approaches people get a feeling of change with back to school ads everywhere and a new season creeping in. That’s why it’s a fantastic time to start thinking about how you could be doing business better. Setting goals for the last part of the year is a wise choice. GPS tracking can truly give your fleet business a push in the right direction. In part one of this series we talked about how GPS tracking helps fleets to be better at job scheduling and provides easy dispatching. In part two of this series we are going to list two more ways that GPS tracking benefits fleets.

1.) Provides safety: GPS tracking technology allows you to keep tabs on your drivers in more than one way. The GPS tracking devices monitor driver behaviors such as speeding, harsh braking, acceleration and other aggressive driving behaviors. With this data, management can take action to reduce expensive claims and repairs. GPS tracking can be used to provide safety for your drivers and business.

2.) Fuel control: It’s no surprise that fuel is one of the most costly expenses for any fleet business. GPS tracking displays the shortest routes, excessive idling, aggressive driving and more. With all these reporting features, GPS tracking can be used to cut down on those actions which burn up more fuel.

GPS tracking makes job scheduling and dispatching easier. It also provides safety and helps fleets to control fuel usage. GPS tracking is a powerful, smart way to save your business a lot of time and money in the long run. With so many benefits, it’s difficult to turn down something that will make your business run more smoothly. If you’re considering GPS tracking for your fleets, be prepared to see a return on investment. Our sales staff stands ready to have you up and running as soon as possible.

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4 Ways GPS Tracking Benefits Fleets: Part 1

GPS tracking: Improving business practices

This hot July is a speeding train coming to a halt in just a few days. With a new month comes a new mind set. It’s a perfect time to reflect on your summer earnings, how business was handled and set strategies for even greater success for the remainder of the year. GPS tracking can really give your fleet business the jolt it needs to be better than ever. In part one of this series we are going to talk about two out of four ways that GPS tracking benefits fleets, just like yours.

1.) Job scheduling: Calling around to find the closest worker to a job-site is a thing of the past with GPS tracking. The system allows management to automatically schedule jobs for drivers. Drivers can update on their job status via the GPS tracking software to keep dispatchers and managers informed.

2.) Easy dispatching: Dispatchers can use two-way communication to alert drivers if needed. With a simple touch the route can be dragged to a new path on the map in case heavy traffic or construction stands in the way of a driver getting to a customer timely. To make matters easier, all drivers in the field can be viewed on one, live map screen.

GPS tracking makes completing jobs and efficient routing simple rather than taking up countless hours. GPS tracking is an effective way to save time and possibly allow drivers to complete jobs quicker which translates to getting more work done in one day. It’s never been easier to leap into the digital age and start doing business smarter. Once you see the true benefits of GPS tracking, you’ll wish you would have done it sooner. Stay tuned for part two of this series where we will discuss two more ways that GPS tracking benefits fleets.

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GPS Trackers Prove Change Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

GPS trackers: Making strides for future fleets

Why do people generally think of change as being a bad thing? If you’ve been in business for more than ten years and you’ve been successful without technological advances in the past, you may be inclined to believe that your fleets are going to be just fine as they are. As the old saying goes, “people are creatures of habit” meaning that people are comfortable with familiarity and often associate change as a disruption in their pattern. There is something fleet managers must realize and that is that as time passes everything changes, but it isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes, technology brings the gift of ease with it. In this case, GPS trackers have done just that for fleet managers that have been brave enough to implement them.

GPS trackers are user-friendly devices and with the right provider you will get ongoing training to make the transition as simple as possible. With a technical support team available to answer your questions, GPS trackers won’t have to seem so difficult to implement. Managers will benefit from knowing things like fuel consumption percentages from vehicles, driver habits and having the ability to be reminded of schedules by the GPS trackers’ alerts. Drivers also benefit by being able to communicate with dispatchers via two-way communicators instead of fiddling with a cell phone while trying to drive. Panic alert buttons provide drivers with an extra safety feature in the event that an emergency arises.

If drivers are doing their job, there should be no reason for them to give backlash on the installment of GPS trackers. With abilities to monitor the inner-workings of business aspects, managers can begin to see that GPS trackers actually help to decrease expenses over time. With the assistance of GPS trackers to monitor your fleets, you can have first-hand knowledge of where drivers are at all the time, lower maintenance costs, cut fuel costs with route planning and so much more. In no time, you’ll see that GPS trackers prove change isn’t always a bad thing.

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Fleet Managers Utilize GPS Tracking To Monitor Speeding

GPS tracking: How fast are they driving?

In the grand scheme of everything that a fleet manager has to worry about on a regular basis it may be easy for them to forget that speeding is an important issue. According to findings reported in the National Survey of Speeding Attitude and Behavior (conducted by the U.S. Department of Transportation) one out of every five drivers admit to trying to get to their destination as fast as possible. On the same token, they were aware of the risks, but some admitted “speeding is something I do without thinking.” It’s important that fleet managers be aware that their drivers could be amongst those majorities. If they speed without thinking, how can they fix a problem they aren’t aware of? The solution to being able to help fleets control their speed is very simple; GPS tracking.

First, you may be wondering “is speeding really a big problem?” The same data gathered in the U.S. Department of Transportation’s survey also found that the reason speeding is such a problem is that deaths due to excess speed account for nearly a third of all traffic fatalities on our nation’s roads each year. GPS tracking for fleets can help take your drivers out of the nasty equation. Thanks to GPS tracking, managers can receive detailed reports about every driver’s speeding habits. The GPS tracking devices generate speeding reports which show if a vehicle went over a certain speed within a 90 day period.

Using the speeding report from the GPS tracking software, fleet managers can educate their drivers using their own statistics as a learning tool. Using GPS tracking to report on speeding is more than just a lesson. It also plays significant role on continuing to reduce incidents of speeding among all your drivers. Less speeding means less risk for accidents, less risk for speeding citations and less risk of spending the business’ income on vehicle repairs. Are you willing to make a change for the future and have better than average drivers?

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How GPS Trackers Provide Safety For Utility Company Drivers

GPS tracker: Charged with the task to bring safety

Utility companies have employees that do a lot of driving. They have to go out and read meters for accurate billing, but along the way there are many dangerous circumstances on the road. Drivers have to be mindful of other drivers and know that behind every corner could be potential for an accident to take place. Managers can only do so much from behind the scenes to prevent their company from taking a financial hit, that is without the use of GPS tracker software to help them.

A lot of utility companies have already embraced the technology of GPS trackers and the reason is simple. With the use of GPS tracker software, managers can pinpoint and correct dangerous driving behaviors that account for many accidents. Management can view reports from GPS tracker data which tells them which drivers are driving recklessly. This gives management the knowledge to begin corrective action. It’s not just for management, but also a tool to help drivers understand their own habits. GPS trackers also have a two-way communicator so that dispatchers or managers can provide support to drivers through a safe, hands-free device. Not having to operate a cell phone while driving will cut down on utility drivers being distracted behind the wheel.

Dangerous driving isn’t just risky, it can also be costly. With increased risk of accidents comes higher insurance premiums, extra expenses on damaged vehicles and company downtime. The benefits of GPS trackers are electrifying! The knowledge and capabilities that GPS trackers provide to utility company drivers can help to decrease collisions as drivers will be more aware and more likely to drive safe. With the ability to know what drivers are up to and how to correct their driving habits, your utility company is sure to be shocked by the return on investment.

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Obtain Affordable Insurance Rates With GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Saving money on your insurance

With any fleet business the main focus is keeping the bottom line from sinking. In order to accomplish your business goals you have to keep profits high and cut back on expenses. While some expenses are unnecessary, others are involuntary, but that doesn’t mean they have to be ridiculously high. Auto insurance for fleet vehicles is a must-have, but with GPS trackers fleet managers can obtain affordable insurance rates. Here are the top two ways insurance rates can differ based on the utilization of GPS trackers.

1.) Recover stolen assets: GPS trackers provide users with the ability to set geofences or boundaries where vehicles are allowed or not allowed to travel. This will send automatic alerts to management via text if vehicles or other company assets should be taken from their location. With live map tracking, it will make it easier to recover stolen assets by immediately being able to inform police of the asset’s location. Having a safety precaution in place will decrease the need to file insurance claims and that makes you a lower risk client for insurance agents.

2.) Improve driving stats: GPS trackers keep data such as braking, speeding and other driving habits. Being able to pinpoint the details of driving behaviors allows for accurate reports to be generated by the GPS trackers. This information will provide insurance agents with proof they need to determine your drivers are safe. Improving driver behavior ties into lower insurance rates.

With a live access GPS tracker map you can pinpoint where fleets are at and receive alerts about unauthorized vehicle movement. Also, by auditing drivers on a daily basis, you can maintain evidence that your drivers really are the safest drivers out on the road. GPS trackers are a one-way ticket to obtaining auto insurance discounts. Saving money on insurance is easier while protecting your assets and your drivers.

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Navigation System Got You Lost? You Need GPS Tracking

GPS tracking: Superior mapping with serious results

Has one of your drivers ever typed in a desired address into their personal navigation system only to find that the system took them the long way around? What about the times the GPS navigation system was totally off base and sent a driver somewhere they weren’t even trying to go? These are the woes that trouble your drivers when your company chooses to use GPS navigation systems rather than true GPS tracking devices. Personal navigation devices may be a cheaper option, but they aren’t superior. Here’s why you need GPS tracking for serious map results.

1.) Updated maps: GPS tracking devices aren’t just equipped with pre-set maps. GPS tracking maps are kept up to date and a minimal fee goes into keeping them preserved and maintained.

2.) Instantaneous data: GPS tracking devices relay information via cellular service to a tracking platform and converts its coordinates into a point on a map. The best part? GPS tracking is live and with US Fleet Tracking’s products you get as little as 1-second, live updates.

3.) Automatic reminders: Can’t remember to rotate the tires every few thousand miles? Or maybe you can’t remember when the last oil change was? With GPS tracking you can schedule maintenance reminders of all sorts so there is no forgetting.

Think your personal navigation system can do all that? Think again. The personal navigation system is set up to be nothing more than a pretty face with a map and, if you’re lucky, a talking voice. The problem stems further than that, however; as GPS navigation systems don’t have maps that automatically update to show current traffic conditions, road hazards or other structural changes. GPS navigation systems simply don’t allow your fleet to operate as efficiently as they could. It’s clear that with so many benefits, GPS tracking is the smarter way to go. They offer you superior mapping with serious results.

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GPS Tracking Can Help With Summertime Fleet Maintenance: Part 2

GPS tracking: Reminders for maintenance needs

Summer has definitely arrived and temperatures are warming up! If you haven’t done any maintenance on your fleet vehicles since springtime, it may be time to look over a few things. In part one of this series we talked about how GPS tracking can help your fleet with summertime vehicle maintenance for the exterior of your company trucks. That’s not all GPS tracking can help with. Today, we’re going to focus on summertime maintenance tips for the interior or under the hood of your company vehicles.

1.) Replacing the filters: Oil filters keep oil deposits from reaching critical engine parts. Air filters prevent harmful debris, dirt and contaminants from entering your engine. Cabin filters also prevent dust, pollen, dirt and other pollutants from entering your fleet vehicles. Needless to say, they’re all important and need to be replaced if dirty, especially if you want decent working A/C.

2.) Change the fluids: Coolant, radiator, power steering, brake, transmission and windshield washer fluids are all important. They get dirty over time which can cause break downs if not replaced, so be mindful about changing the fluids out.

3.) Check hoses and belts: Under the hood, the hoses make sure all the fluids run through the vehicle as they should. Check for damage and replace if needed. Belts like the timing belt should be checked for wear and tear to prevent breakdowns later.

4.) Check the battery: Summertime heat can be a killer for your fleet vehicles. Make sure you remember to check the battery every once in a while to make sure the battery tests good and that there is no corrosion on the outside terminals.

Whew! Between the list of what to do for the exterior of your company vehicles and what to maintain under the hood, it can be quite an exhausting task. If you’re still trying to keep track of all these summertime maintenance routines manually, you’re doing it the hard way. GPS tracking devices are a much more efficient way to keep on top of this routine maintenance. You can use GPS tracking devices to set-up automatic maintenance reminders. This could include reminders on services like when to replace all your filters, change the fluids, check your hoses and belts and when to test the batteries. GPS tracking can make vehicle maintenance easy to remember.

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GPS Tracking Can Help With Summertime Fleet Maintenance: Part 1

GPS tracking: Reminders for maintenance needs

You know summer has truly arrived when the air is hot and the sun is shining brighter. With every changing season, it’s always a good idea for your fleet to have a checklist of things to prepare your vehicles simply to maintain their functionality. There are so many ways that GPS tracking can help your fleet with summertime maintenance and we’ve split this series into two posts. GPS tracking is amazing for many things! Today, we’re going to focus on summertime maintenance tips for the exterior of your company vehicles.

1.) Clean your trucks: Fleet vehicles do a lot of driving, everywhere. After all the dirty rain from spring time it may be a good idea to give your trucks’ undercarriages a squeaky clean wash. You could also wash and wax the outside of the vehicles for protection.

2.) Check wiper blades: The stormy season could have caused some wear and tear on your wiper blades. Inspect them for damage and replace when necessary.

3.) Change brake pads: If your brakes start squeaking or you start to hear a metal scrapping sound, then it’s imperative to replace brake pads soon. Damage to the rotor will cost much more.

4.) Do tire checks: Rotate tires if it has been a while since the last rotation. Check air pressure, tire tread and any signs of damage such as nails sticking in. Replace tires if necessary.

One of the most strenuous things a large fleet company manager must deal with is ongoing vehicle maintenance. You may be thinking, “what does all this maintenance have to do with GPS tracking?” The answer is that GPS tracking devices with maintenance alerting features can make your life easier. GPS tracking software allows you to enter in any type of maintenance reminder based on mileage, run time hours or set dates. This could include reminders on services like when to clean your vehicles, check your wiper blades, change your brake pads and rotate tires. For more summertime maintenance tips for your fleet, stay tuned for part two of this series.

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Benefits Of GPS Trackers For Swimming Pool Cleaning Companies

GPS trackers: Making a big splash

Managing a pool cleaning company has it’s ups and downs for sure, but this is the perfect season for your maintenance guys to get out there. While your pool cleaners might be the hardest workers you know, wouldn’t you like to make all of your jobs a little easier? One of the most important aspects of any business is keeping an open line of communication. GPS trackers can help bridge the gap between managers, employees and customers. Here are a few ways that GPS trackers can benefit your swimming pool cleaning company.

1.) Job tracking: Our GPS trackers have a live map which displays exactly where your vehicles are parked or driving to at any given time. GPS trackers have the ability to provide you with time-stamped evidence of jobs completed from start time to end time. This really cuts down on discrepancies. This great for both the customer and you to have accurate reports.

2.) Inventory control: Keep track of pool cleaning chemicals that you have in stock by creating the digital list using GPS trackers. Also, know exactly where equipment is located. Being able to control inventory will cut down on expenses for replacing items that might have gotten lost.

3.) Vehicle maintenance: GPS trackers allow managers, like you, to set up automatic maintenance reminders on vehicles. So, when your employee is out cleaning a swimming pool, he doesn’t have to worry about the oil being changed. The reminders can be for oil changes, tire rotations, under the hood replacements and more. GPS trackers can also show reports on idling, harsh braking habits, speeding and other aggressive driving which can be used to decrease these actions and save money on repairs associated with them.

Your swimming pool cleaning company already has enough paperwork to keep track of which is why with GPS trackers paperless data has never been easier. There are many benefits to using GPS trackers that far outweigh the initial cost. They are simple to operate and provide you the information you need, when you need it, at your fingertips! GPS trackers have been making a big splash with all types of businesses, will yours be one of them?

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