Types Of GPS Tracker Reports: Part 2

Reports- GPS tracker

GPS tracker: A better understanding

With GPS trackers it has become quite easy for fleet managers to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs, extend the life of vehicles and make work easier. It’s amazing what GPS trackers’ automated reports can do for a fleet company. In part one of this series, we went into a little bit of detail about the GPS tracker driver behavior reports. In part two of this series, we will be focusing on the GPS tracker travel reports.

GPS Tracker Travel Reports: Vapor Trail, Mileage and Zone Activity

1.) Vapor Trail Reports: Use this report to view a complete graphic report of a vehicle’s activities within a 90 day time frame. When you open this GPS tracker report you will see a drawn out pink line on the map which shows everywhere your device has traveled within the time frame selected.

2.) Mileage Reports: This handy GPS tracker report will allow you to see just how far your vehicles are traveling in a single day. You will be able to see the distance traveled along with the average speed driven for the day.

3.) Zone Activity Reports: When your vehicles enter or exit defined geofenced areas, this report will let you know exactly when and where it happened. When you click on this GPS tracker report you will see two lists; one shows all of your devices and the other shows all of your zones.

With these GPS tracker reports, you will have knowledge of where your vehicles are being driven on a regular basis. You will also be able to keep records of mileage driven which could be used to improve routing in order to cut down on fuel costs. Furthermore, you will know when vehicles were used and where they travel to. This type of information helps your company assets have a new level of security and employee accountability, because reports will let you know if vehicles were ever taken outside of geofenced areas. Now that you have a better understanding of GPS trackers and their many reporting functions, we hope you will join the ranks of many fleet managers who have already found success by implementing GPS trackers in their company vehicles.

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