Types Of GPS Tracker Reports: Part 1

Reports- GPS tracker

GPS tracker: A better understanding

With GPS trackers, fleet managers from all around have improved monitoring and security for their employees and company equipment. Our GPS trackers provide powerful 3G network connectivity and many automated reporting features that will guarantee you always have information on hand. Not only does having information matter, but having it immediately in emergency situations is also a bonus. In part one of this series, we will break down a few types of GPS tracker reports.

GPS Tracker Driver Behavior Reports: Speeding, Idling and Aggressive Driving

1.) Speeding Reports: This GPS tracker report shows you all the times that any of your vehicles exceeded the maximum speed that you set. By default the report is set to any speed greater than 65 MPH. You can change this to whatever speed you want. All speeding incidents will be listed with date, time, location and speed.

2.) Idling Reports: When your trucks are idling excessively, they are wasting fuel and costing you money. This GPS tracker report gives you a list of all incidents of vehicles idling for longer than the minimum time you specify.

3.) Aggressive Driving Reports: This GPS tracker report allows you to check on any aggressive driving by recording an increase or decrease in speed of 35 miles per hour to 95 miles per hour within a 10 second span. This will allow you to see if a driver is accelerating normally to get on the interstate or is driving dangerously down a city street.

With these GPS tracker reports, you can cut down on speeding which will reduce your risk of having to pay out on speeding tickets. You will also be able to crack down on drivers leaving company vehicles idling which makes them run inefficiently. In addition, you will know when drivers are being aggressive on the road and this type of information helps you to coach drivers about driving properly. Stay tuned for part two of this series where we will talk about GPS trackers and their travel reports.

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