GPS Tracking Benefits For Taxi Cab Drivers

taxi- GPS tracking

GPS tracking: Increased safety standards

As the population of the United States increases, so does the number of drivers on the road each year. According to the last recorded statistics from The Statistics Portal in 2012 there was a population over 313 million and just over 211 million of them are licensed drivers. With every new driver entering the roadway comes more risks for taxi cab drivers. For security reasons, taxi cab drivers could benefit from having GPS tracking devices installed in their vehicles. We’ll explain a little more to give you a bigger picture.

Alerts: GPS tracking offers security features for both the cab driver as well as the cab company with alerts. With speed, panic, ignition and route alerts there isn’t much cab companies wouldn’t know about. Speed alerts let company managers know when drivers exceed a set speed. Panic alerts can be triggered if there is an emergency situation, as drivers just never know what kind of passenger they will pick up. Ignition alerts will send information when the taxi is turned on and off. Route alerts will notify drivers or managers when drivers have veered from the user-defined path.

Reports: There are many reports that GPS tracking allow the cab company managers to pull. Managers can receive information sent from the GPS tracking software such as; driver speed, aggressive driving, excessive idling, fuel usage and more. Knowing this information could cut down on unnecessary costs associated with bad driving habits. This isn’t just for the cab company’s benefit, as most leased taxi cabs result in drivers paying a daily rate out of their incoming fares and the cost of fuel.

Visuals: By having GPS tracking, drivers, cab company managers and dispatchers can see detailed, live map views. When a passenger calls in to request a taxi, dispatchers will be able to see the live map and know which drivers in their fleet is closest to the passenger. This could save time from choosing a driver who is too far away. If by chance something goes awry such as traffic or hazardous road conditions, the GPS tracking map can be updated by dispatchers to send driver’s to the next safest path.

Having alerts, reports and live maps would benefit the taxi cab drivers and company by extending the life of the vehicles. It would also make passengers feel better about spending money on a taxi company knowing that their routes are being optimized. GPS trackers would increase the safety standard, because company dispatchers and managers would have firsthand knowledge of what is happening with their drivers and vehicles.

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