Truckers Gain Summer Savings With GPS Trackers: Part 2

Truckers- GPS tracker

GPS tracker: True cost savings for ROI

As we mentioned in part one of this series, there have been all types of fleet companies that have started using GPS tracker software to help them save time and money. We went into detail about trucking companies benefiting greatly from GPS tracker devices by being able to reap summer savings on fuel and have improved scheduling. In part two of this series we will be highlighting another two ways that GPS tracker devices are true cost savers so that you can join other truckers who want to gain summer savings, too!

1.) Logistical¬†efficiency:¬†Without a product to haul what would delivery truckers do? That’s why what goes inside the trucks for distribution is important. It makes sense to want to know where drivers are at in order to keep your truck, trailer and product assets safe and delivery times on target. GPS trackers make for better shipping with the possibility of keeping an active, digital list of all inventory while tracking when and where it goes. It’s easy to monitor everything with as few as 1-second updates in some cases.

2.) Compliance with hours of service: Being a trucker means long hours out on the road, but even the trucking industry has regulations to follow as presented by the Department of Transportation. Motor carriers operating in interstate commerce and drivers of commercial motor vehicles need to comply or companies can face hefty fines. GPS trackers can act as an automatic time card showing start and stop times of a driver’s work day. It couldn’t be much easier than that to make sure drivers comply with the hours of service laws and make sure your company doesn’t pay fines which would bring down your bottom line.

We know that trucking companies have large expenses, but with GPS trackers these costs can be minimized. You have come to the right place if you want something that will save your trucking company money on fuel costs, improve your scheduling, give you logistical efficiency and comply with hours of service laws. GPS trackers are a return on investment due to all their benefits. If your ready to gain your summer savings, give us a call.

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