Truckers Gain Summer Savings With GPS Trackers: Part 1

Truckers- GPS tracker

GPS tracker: True cost savings for ROI

Many companies big and small have given in to the fact that GPS trackers save them time and money. There have been several trucking companies that have decided to implement GPS tracker devices for their fleets and once they do they don’t know how they ever lived without them. If you’re still on the fence about choosing GPS trackers to save your business money, don’t fret. In part one of this series we will be highlighting two out of four ways that GPS trackers are true cost savers so that you can gain summer savings soon.

1.) Fuel savings: The first way you will save money on fuel is that with GPS trackers, you will know when a vehicle is idling for an extended, unnecessary period of time. If you find that a driver has a habit of idling for more than a few hours a day, this matter should be brought to his or her attention. Another cost saving feature of GPS trackers is that your drivers are not as likely to waste valuable time getting lost, or taking a time consuming route as dispatchers have the ability to see the exact location of your drivers as well as the best, most direct route to his or her location. This makes travel time shorter, which reduces fuel costs.

2.) Improved scheduling: Every day, your vehicles navigate an obstacle course of traffic, stoplights and road construction. By making short- and long-term modifications to each driver’s route, you can improve fuel efficiency and reduce vehicle wear and tear. Planning out scheduled routes would be a great way to make this possible. GPS trackers also allow you to program scheduled alerts to remind you of important things like vehicle maintenance.

We could harp on these two money saving GPS tracker benefits all day! You’ve heard of buying something that quickly pays for itself, right? In this case, GPS trackers are a great return on investment. To learn even more about some great summer savings that GPS trackers can offer you, stay tuned for part two of this series.

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