GPS Tracking Means Tracking Mileage The Easy Way

Mileage- GPS tracking

GPS tracking: Getting a grip on effective routing

As a fleet business, the main focus at hand is to complete jobs, but there is an aspect to traveling fleets that is most obvious, but not always thought about and that is mileage. If you have your business vehicles out on the road regularly there is most likely a lot of distance they travel between jobs. As GPS tracking technology improves there are more opportunities for fleet managers to streamline their business routines making daily activities run more smoothly and help employees to work more efficiently. Many managers have decided that tracking mileage is important so they stick to the old fashioned clip board and paper sheets, not realizing that GPS tracking could make this task much less strenuous.

If you’re one of these fleet businesses still using old methods of mileage tracking then you will agree that it takes quite a bit of time and energy to gather and process every record sheet from every vehicle. This effort is a time constraint and makes for a very inefficient work day. If your business isn’t tracking mileage at all, that’s even worse. You may ask “why is tracking mileage important?” The answer is that every mile logged in a fleet business vehicle goes against the bottom line in the form of fuel expenses and eventual maintenance costs. With old methods or no tracking at all you have no way of knowing whether your vehicles are being used for personal use. Managers have to know which problems exist before they can make adjustments to lower fuel and maintenance expenses. This is where GPS tracking comes into play.

GPS tracking software offers automated reporting options, eliminating the need for manual logging. GPS tracking devices give managers the opportunity to see a live map which displays all business vehicles in use. With the use of live GPS tracking devices you’ll be able to receive alerts in regard to harsh driving patterns, which increases fuel usage. Knowing who is wasting fuel will help you hone in on the problem and correct it. GPS tracking also makes it possible for dispatchers to plan out the most effective, short routes to decrease mileage driven which will also save on fuel costs. In addition, with GPS tracking, geofences or designated locations can be pre-set so that if a vehicle is not where it should be, managers will receive an alert. This keeps employees accountable, but also allows for after hours tracking to prevent theft of business vehicles.

GPS tracking is a perfect way to take control of costs associated with high mileage. Having GPS tracking is also an additional level of security for your business vehicles. If you want to know more about GPS tracking, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 405.726.9900!

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