Typical Fleet Problems And How GPS Trackers Help: Part 2

FleetProb2- GPS tracker

GPS Tracker: Champion against obstacles

No matter what your business is, if you have any dealings with fleet management then you probably know the feeling that many fleet managers have when it comes to struggling with unintended issues. Sometimes it’s hard for fleet managers to have a firm grip on what is going on in the field with their drivers. The implementation of GPS trackers is often the solution for many fleet businesses and there is a great reason for this choice. In part one of this series we discussed a few typical fleet problems and talked about how GPS trackers can help with them. In part two of this series we’re taking it a bit further with two more typical problems and their GPS tracker solutions.

1.) Slow Customer Service: If your drivers doddle or your managers can’t figure out which driver is closest to a job-site and inadvertently sends someone farther away, that’s all wasted time and poor customer service. When a customer call comes in, being able to respond quickly is important. GPS trackers provide dispatchers and managers the ability to see a live working map which displays every active vehicle in the field. There is no second guessing as to which technician should respond to the call.

2.) Milking The Clock: Sometimes, the accountability of your technicians or drivers is tough to manage when everything is done manually. You never know if workers are documenting labored hours as if they worked longer than they actually did. GPS trackers will help cut down on possible time fraud or “milking the clock” by automatically time-stamping when a job starts and ends. This cuts down on overtime pay, saving your business from paying unnecessary expenses.

GPS trackers are a simple, yet powerful use of technology that allows you to take control over typical fleet problems. In fact, it’s as if GPS trackers are fantastic, little champions against obstacles of all sorts. For example, they can aid in decreasing gasoline costs, preventing costly breakdowns, improving customer service and increasing employee productivity. Give GPS trackers a try if you’re feeling the need to change your fleet business practices for the better.

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