Three Of The Newest GPS Tracking Features

3g- GPS tracking

GPS tracking: Technology at your fingertips

When you think of GPS tracking it is easy to believe that the software will be just another mapping system, but the added features provided to you are much more valuable than that. In fact, the best GPS tracking systems give managers a chance to receive a return on investment. When you are searching for the best GPS tracking features to fit your business needs you will want to see capabilities that give you a wireless data service. We will talk about three of the newest GPS tracking features you want to see.

1.) 3G connectivity: This is the next level in GPS tracking, with a stronger and broader network. The GPS tracking industry has grown strong and now wireless data service providers are updating their networks which in turn requires the newest GPS tracking devices. You can significantly enhance your daily activities by having the best live mapping and data management capabilities.

2.) Live alerts: When your drivers are out there on the road, every second counts. If you aren’t receiving live updates, you only have a sliver of information and you never know what happens in between those moments that you don’t have connectivity. Our GPS tracking systems offer you 10, 5 and sometimes even 1-second updates!

3.) Scheduled alerts: Truthfully, management doesn’t have to have live updates on everything. For example, maintenance reminders will obviously not need to be every second. It is for those needs that scheduled reminder alerts are available. All you have to do is program the GPS tracking devices to send an alert via text or e-mail when routine maintenance on vehicles is due.

GPS tracking can help you manage fleets more efficiently while offering you live and scheduled alerts with the most up to date 3G network technology on the market. Business managers have so many options to chose from in the digital age and if you don’t know what to look for it’s possible you may choose an inferior product. Choosing inferior products can be frustrating and turn out to be a nightmare. This is why US Fleet Tracking offers consultation; we can answer any question about any of our products to make certain you choose something that is best suited for your fleet business.

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