Improve Vehicle Maintenance With GPS Trackers: Part 1

maintenance- Gps trackers

GPS trackers: Optimize fleet maintenance

Vehicles are one of the most important aspects to a fleet business and keeping them in top-notch shape is also necessary. If you are able to keep your vehicles in decent condition then you will save money in the long run. There are many ways that GPS trackers provide opportunities to help you with managing vehicle maintenance. In part one of this series, there are two listed ways that GPS trackers can optimize fleet maintenance.

1.) Reduce Driving: Driving less means longer periods of time before maintenance needs arise. In turn, this means less money being shelled out on repairs and money being saved on the downtime associated with those repairs. GPS trackers allow for automated directions to be sent to drivers from the dispatch team. Dispatchers can also reroute drivers to a shorter path should that be needed. The planned routing will reduce extra miles being driven, drivers won’t get lost and there will be quicker arrivals to jobsites.

2.) Reduce Idling: A lot of people think leaving a vehicle running while dashing into the office or a customer’s location for just a “little while” won’t do any harm. That couldn’t be more inaccurate, because the longer an engine runs the more fuel it burns. Eventually the engine breaks down and emissions leak out more frequently, which translates into a hefty maintenance bill to fix the problem. GPS trackers can keep track of idle time by recording the data linked to doing so. Knowing is half the battle and once you know what to fix, you can! Managers can show, with evidence, to their drivers their idle times and rectify the issue. This will surely save on your maintenance bill!

GPS trackers take the guess work out of improving maintenance for your vehicles. By using GPS trackers to reduce driving and reduce idling on a regular basis, your maintenance costs are going to decrease. Check back in a few days for part two of this series where we will talk about two more ways that GPS trackers can be used to optimize your vehicle maintenance routines.

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