Why Construction Companies Utilize GPS Trackers

Construction- GPS trackers

GPS trackers: Industry related benefits

Many companies, small and large, have decided to invest in the implementation of GPS trackers for several reasons. Construction companies have a lot of expensive equipment and important processes to keep up with. Construction vehicles are quite large and while they are heavy duty it is easy to understand, due to the nature of their job, how wear and tear happens. Not knowing when to replace equipment or handle routine maintenance can cause an increase in company expenses. These worries are decreased when GPS trackers are being used. Listed below are the top reasons why construction companies utilize GPS trackers.

1.) Being able to locate stolen property: GPS trackers are able to keep managers alerted when a construction truck or piece of equipment is moving during off hours or leaves a designated geofence. The next step is simple; just report the location of the stolen property to authorities. Getting equipment back faster means getting back to work without having to replace the stolen property.

2.) Having more efficient dispatching: Managers can control their fleets without having to make phone calls. GPS trackers are great, because they allow dispatchers to quickly find trucks and equipment on live maps and send the appropriate worker to the next job. This type of control makes dispatching more efficient.

3.) Reducing company fuel costs: The use of GPS trackers drastically cuts down on vehicle idle times, which saves fuel from being burned up. GPS tracker data tells managers every time a vehicle is used so they can eliminate any unauthorized truck usage to help cut back on fuel usage.

4.) Extending life of vehicles and equipment: Maintenance and equipment replacement costs are one of the most important concerns for construction companies. A lot of them will use GPS trackers to distributed usage of vehicles and equipment effectively. This prevents some things from being overused and other from sitting, unused. Managers can also schedule all maintenance reminders with GPS tracker software so that they don’t skip repairs and have to pay more in repair costs, later.

5.) Billing becomes more accurate: Construction companies using GPS trackers don’t have to worry about lost paperwork. GPS trackers have recorded data which will show start and stop times at job-sites so the total hours on site for billing purposes will be accurate. This will help you supply solid proof in the event of a customer dispute.

Many construction companies have determined that GPS trackers are helping them build a sustainable business by enhancing all operational duties. It is amazing how many ways GPS trackers can help construction companies. Since construction companies dig these time and money saving devices we bet you will, too.

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