GPS Trackers Vs. The 1-800 Number Bumper Sticker

Driving- GPS trackers

GPS tracker: Benefits beyond a phone call

While driving down the highway you have probably seen a bumper sticker or two that asks fellow drivers to call the 1-800 number in order to weigh in on how a truck driver is doing. Here’s the problem, not all fleet companies want stickers on their vehicles. An alternative would be GPS trackers. You may be wondering how GPS trackers can replace the program associated with the 1-800 number safety hot-line?

Let us give you a detailed explanation, here. The underlying purpose of having a 1-800 number bumper sticker is that the phone number is actually linked to an attempt at preventing further aggressive driving and future accidents from happening out on the road. That is all the program is good for, but GPS trackers have the capability to allow managers to monitor driving behaviors and so much more!

Dispatchers or managers can view the live tracking map at any time to see where all of their vehicles are located and what they are doing, based on recorded analytic statistics. This way, managers will know, almost instantly, when a driver isn’t behaving and they don’t have to wait for a phone call to come in. Using the two-way communicator feature, the manager can warn the driver. If a driver has veered off course for any reason, the dispatcher can digitally draw a new path on the GPS tracker screen for the driver to follow.

GPS trackers allow for the drivers and managers to have control and responsibility rather than relying on a bumper sticker to “work” for them. The best part about GPS tracking software is that it is, inevitably, going to empower the employees to do things the right way simply because they know they are being monitored. It’s not about the fleet company boss being the “big brother,” it’s about increasing the safety of drivers. What will you choose?

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