Reducing Your Vehicles’ Carbon Footprint With GPS Trackers: Part 2

GPS tracker- Vehicles

GPS tracker: An Earth Day edition

Today marks the anniversary of Earth Day and on this day, 45 years ago, the beginning of an environmental movement was born. A lot has changed from the original Earth Day that started in 1970, because that day wasn’t just about saving the planet, but also focused on anti-war campaigns. Now, when the calendar reaches the date of April 22, helping the environment is on the minds of most everyone. Did you know one way that you can decrease your carbon footprint is by implementing GPS trackers in your company vehicles? In part one of this Earth Day edition we provided you two ways that you can use GPS trackers to help your vehicles reduce their carbon footprint. In part two of this series we will give you two more reasons to use GPS trackers in your vehicles!

1.) Curb Speeding: Rapid acceleration and speeding burns fuel faster. Imagine the amount of chemical waste entering the air when your drivers speed and it isn’t great for the sustainability of your company vehicles. How do you stop speeding drivers? GPS trackers, of course. With the GPS tracker technology you can monitor and reduce aggressive driving behavior. GPS trackers send this type of data so that you can review who your best drivers are and which ones might need more instruction.

2.) Maintenance Reminders: Did you know that keeping up with routine maintenance makes your company vehicles perform better? Keeping the right amount of air in the tires, performing regular oil changes and tune-ups can improve gas mileage. GPS trackers help you to stay on top of necessary vehicle maintenance with reminder alerts.

GPS trackers help you to become more fuel-efficient and decreases the production of carbon dioxide, overall. Being fuel-efficient doesn’t only help your vehicles reduce their spread of harmful toxins that pollute the air, but also helps you to regulate your daily operations. In honor of Earth Day, we hope that our GPS tracker tips listed in the past two posts will help your company reduce its carbon footprint and protect the planet that best way that you can.