Reducing Your Vehicles’ Carbon Footprint With GPS Trackers: Part 1

GPS tracker- Vehicle Carbon Footprint

GPS tracker: An Earth Day edition

In just two days, Earth Day will be upon us and many people will be swept up in the excitement to take action towards creating a healthier, viable environment. Having a company with many vehicles emitting harmful chemicals into the air is a challenge. A lot of public eyes fall on you to make a difference. Taking the step towards becoming a more environmental fleet can be made easier with the installation of GPS trackers. In part one of this Earth Day edition we will provide you two ways that you can use GPS trackers to help your vehicles reduce their carbon footprint.

1.) Route Efficiency: Presenting your drivers with better routing options can save on unnecessary mileage. Using GPS trackers, managers, dispatchers or drivers can generate the shortest route. Dispatchers can also reroute your drivers around traffic jams or other obstacles. This will allow drivers to arrive to their job sites quicker and spend less time on the road, which means less fuel consumed. Less fuel consumed means less carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere.

2.) Engine Monitoring: Keeping a vehicle running longer than a few minutes can really take its toll on the engine. Idling forces an engine to operate in an inefficient and gasoline-rich mode. Over time this habit will degrade the engine’s performance and reduce mileage. GPS trackers can be used to monitor idling of vehicles so that you can hold your drivers accountable.

It has been suggested that carbon dioxide released from vehicles is a contributing factor to the global climate change. If you want to encourage fuel-efficient driving, which would help to decrease the carbon dioxide emissions, then you should consider putting GPS trackers in your company vehicles. GPS trackers are there to take the guess work out of going “green” and protecting the planet. If you would like to know more about how GPS trackers can help you reduce your carbon footprint, stay tuned for part two of this series which will be released on Earth Day.

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