Energy Industries Are Saving With GPS Trackers

GPS tracker: Improving energy companies

The job that energy industry workers have to do is significant and getting it done safely, while being efficient is also important. GPS trackers have many benefits to aid the energy industry for an optimized work experience. The automation that GPS trackers provide to energy companies is helpful for many things such as improving driver safety, saving on fuel costs and digital record keeping.

GPS trackers can be used by managers to monitor all aspects of driver behavior. Actions like harsh braking and speeding will increase your vehicle maintenance needs. The GPS analytics can show managers if drivers are performing dangerously on the road. With recorded driver data, it is easy for managers to pinpoint problem areas. This information will help drivers to know which areas they will need to improve, thus promoting safer drivers.

Another great benefit of GPS tracker software is the ability to monitor fuel usage. What energy industry company doesn’t want to save on fuel costs? Saving money on fuel costs is a common goal amongst many industry leaders. With live GPS tracker updates, dispatchers can aid drivers to find the quickest route, thereby; saving fuel. Not only do GPS trackers record speed and braking statistics, they also keep track of excessive idling. By avoiding idling, fuel costs are cut dramatically. There have been reports of 20-30 percent savings on fuel costs by companies using GPS trackers.

As we have stressed already, GPS trackers maintain a plethora of information, digitally. This makes energy industry companies paper-free. There is no reason to pile up your office or vehicles with paper logbooks thanks to the record keeping abilities of GPS trackers. With a few touches on the GPS screen, you can access reports needed for payroll, vehicle maintenance and more.

With GPS trackers energy industry companies have managed to be paperless, but still maintain records of much needed information, decrease fuel costs and improve their drivers’ safety. If you’re in the energy industry and you haven’t made a commitment to using GPS trackers in your company vehicles, you should reconsider the benefits you’re missing out on.

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GPS Tracker Software Helps Protect Your Reputation

GPS tracker: Improve customer service

Have you ever heard the quote from Warren Buffett about how important a reputation is? He once said “it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that you’ll do things differently.” What fleet business owner doesn’t want their business to have a great reputation? Improving customer service skills is the best way to earn and maintain a great reputation. GPS trackers go hand-in-hand with customer service as they allow managers to monitor their fleet vehicles more effectively. Ultimately, by using GPS trackers in this way, it leads to providing customers with better service.

GPS trackers are technologically capable of providing you with data needed for your drivers to deliver service faster. The live map updates allow managers to see exact driver locations so there is no wasted time of trying to figure out who would be closest for a job. Knowing the estimated time of arrival makes it easier for your business to improve customer relations. By being able to relay this information to customers you will be building your business’ reputation as a reliable service provider. When drivers spend less time driving to a customer and more time doing the work, it also increases customer satisfaction.

If by chance something does go wrong with traffic or hazardous road conditions emerge, the GPS tracker map can be updated by dispatchers. The driver’s route can be changed, immediately, to the next safest path. In addition, you can use the GPS tracker software to help drivers become safer drivers overall. The GPS trackers will send data such as harsh braking, speeding and idling so corrective action can take place, if need be. By having safer drivers on the road, the public opinion of your business could be more desirable.

It’s simple to chat about maintaining a great reputation while giving great customer service, but it is much harder to actually deliver on that promise. It takes a lot of work and good service to build a trustworthy business reputation. GPS trackers can help protect the business’ reputation in such a way that you will have more happy customers with positive perceptions of your business.

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GPS Trackers Aid With Managing Fleet Liabilities

GPS tracker: Monitoring is important

In your fast-paced world of business, it’s important to keep all your moving parts in top condition. There are several factors that create obstacles for your fleet business, making it even more important to manage those liabilities. A significant part of your job is to keep risks minimal. Without GPS trackers there will always be the fear of vehicles being stolen, vehicles being damaged in accidents and the costs associated with any harm that comes as a result of the risks involved.

Improving the safety and efficiency of your business should be important to you. With GPS trackers your business could ensure drivers are performing safely on the road. Being able to monitor driver behaviors like speed and braking will help cut down on accident risks. Managers being able to see how drivers are making use of their time and vehicle operations is also a great way to ensure public safety and reduce downtime. When things run more smoothly and GPS trackers are helping to manage liabilities, the business can decrease overall costs. Less risk converts into savings in the long-run.

As an added bonus to saving money, your customer service is sure to increase. Think about how much happier customers would be if they could be told exactly when to expect drivers to arrive at their location. GPS trackers with live maps display all driver locations so that dispatchers can send the closest driver rather than wasting time sending someone who will take hours to arrive. Faster arrival to job sites means quicker completion of jobs and happier customers.

GPS trackers will help you manage your drivers so well that you will have time to dedicate to other areas of your business. Improving safety and efficiency will mean better business and means you will be able to retain customers and grow your business. Reducing liabilities also means increasing your bottom line! Are you ready to use GPS trackers and start monitoring your drivers?

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Reducing Your Vehicles’ Carbon Footprint With GPS Trackers: Part 2

GPS tracker: An Earth Day edition

Today marks the anniversary of Earth Day and on this day, 45 years ago, the beginning of an environmental movement was born. A lot has changed from the original Earth Day that started in 1970, because that day wasn’t just about saving the planet, but also focused on anti-war campaigns. Now, when the calendar reaches the date of April 22, helping the environment is on the minds of most everyone. Did you know one way that you can decrease your carbon footprint is by implementing GPS trackers in your company vehicles? In part one of this Earth Day edition we provided you two ways that you can use GPS trackers to help your vehicles reduce their carbon footprint. In part two of this series we will give you two more reasons to use GPS trackers in your vehicles!

1.) Curb Speeding: Rapid acceleration and speeding burns fuel faster. Imagine the amount of chemical waste entering the air when your drivers speed and it isn’t great for the sustainability of your company vehicles. How do you stop speeding drivers? GPS trackers, of course. With the GPS tracker technology you can monitor and reduce aggressive driving behavior. GPS trackers send this type of data so that you can review who your best drivers are and which ones might need more instruction.

2.) Maintenance Reminders: Did you know that keeping up with routine maintenance makes your company vehicles perform better? Keeping the right amount of air in the tires, performing regular oil changes and tune-ups can improve gas mileage. GPS trackers help you to stay on top of necessary vehicle maintenance with reminder alerts.

GPS trackers help you to become more fuel-efficient and decreases the production of carbon dioxide, overall. Being fuel-efficient doesn’t only help your vehicles reduce their spread of harmful toxins that pollute the air, but also helps you to regulate your daily operations. In honor of Earth Day, we hope that our GPS tracker tips listed in the past two posts will help your company reduce its carbon footprint and protect the planet that best way that you can.

Reducing Your Vehicles’ Carbon Footprint With GPS Trackers: Part 1

GPS tracker: An Earth Day edition

In just two days, Earth Day will be upon us and many people will be swept up in the excitement to take action towards creating a healthier, viable environment. Having a company with many vehicles emitting harmful chemicals into the air is a challenge. A lot of public eyes fall on you to make a difference. Taking the step towards becoming a more environmental fleet can be made easier with the installation of GPS trackers. In part one of this Earth Day edition we will provide you two ways that you can use GPS trackers to help your vehicles reduce their carbon footprint.

1.) Route Efficiency: Presenting your drivers with better routing options can save on unnecessary mileage. Using GPS trackers, managers, dispatchers or drivers can generate the shortest route. Dispatchers can also reroute your drivers around traffic jams or other obstacles. This will allow drivers to arrive to their job sites quicker and spend less time on the road, which means less fuel consumed. Less fuel consumed means less carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere.

2.) Engine Monitoring: Keeping a vehicle running longer than a few minutes can really take its toll on the engine. Idling forces an engine to operate in an inefficient and gasoline-rich mode. Over time this habit will degrade the engine’s performance and reduce mileage. GPS trackers can be used to monitor idling of vehicles so that you can hold your drivers accountable.

It has been suggested that carbon dioxide released from vehicles is a contributing factor to the global climate change. If you want to encourage fuel-efficient driving, which would help to decrease the carbon dioxide emissions, then you should consider putting GPS trackers in your company vehicles. GPS trackers are there to take the guess work out of going “green” and protecting the planet. If you would like to know more about how GPS trackers can help you reduce your carbon footprint, stay tuned for part two of this series which will be released on Earth Day.

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The Various Map Views For GPS Trackers

GPS tracker: What you see on the map

When you install GPS trackers for your fleets, you will be awarding your entire business with many money-saving benefits. One way to ensure business runs smoothly is to make certain that your drivers are able to get to their destinations safely. Getting down to the basic functions of GPS trackers, the goal is that you want to be able to see everything that is going on out there on the road. By having GPS trackers, drivers and managers can both see detailed map views. Depending on your preference, you may choose up to four different map views for your convenience. The four different types of views you can choose from in the live tracking web-based system are: Map view, Hybrid, Birdseye and Satellite. In this post, we will go in to detail about what each of those four map views offer users.

1.) Map View: This style allows GPS tracker users to see a simplistic form of the map that is fast-loading. The best way to describe what it looks like is that it resembles the view of a simple Google Maps view.

2.) Birdseye: This is a high-resolution view which looks like an aerial photograph on the map. For this view, the GPS tracker screen allows the user to change angles of viewpoints. It should be noted that not all geographical locations allow this view to be used, so it will not be available everywhere.

3.) Satellite: When using this style of map you will be able to see a basic satellite image of the area that your vehicle is located in. The map image displayed is detailed with streets and buildings showing, but the names of the roads are not listed.

4.) Hybrid: This view is also a detailed image with streets and buildings showing. It is just like the satellite view with the difference that this option does list the names of streets. This view will, generally, be your GPS trackers’ default view mode.

It has been understood for quite a while by many business owners that they can benefit by using GPS trackers. One of the best features about GPS trackers is their ability to provide live map tracking. Will you be one of the many business owners joining the digital world this year? Use GPS trackers and you will know what you need to know and see what you need to see regarding the location of your drivers out there on the road.

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How To Use GPS Trackers For Better Vehicle Performance: Part 2

GPS tracker: Daily routines for improved fleets

Keeping up with your drivers and your vehicles is a big part of your management job when you work for a business that has a fleet. To have optimum success at carrying out this duty, you need the ability to monitor your vehicles and drivers. GPS trackers are a great way to do this easily. In part one of this series we explained how GPS trackers can help in decreasing mileage and simplifying maintenance. With these two daily routines you are sure to have better vehicle performance. In part two of this series, we will be telling you more about how you can use GPS trackers for better vehicle performance.

1.) Track Driver Behavior: How your vehicles are being driven makes a difference. If your drivers are habitually braking harshly, accelerating quickly, speeding or idling excessively then they are practically promoting increased wear and tear on business vehicles. GPS trackers are capable of recording all of those actions so that managers can monitor their drivers’ behaviors. Being able to identify potential problems allows for corrective action to be taken. If your business vehicles are being driven properly, they will last a lot longer.

2.) Route Planning: Planning the smartest routes can go hand-in-hand with decreasing mileage. Routes can be set-up through GPS trackers to avoid the driver from driving “the long way around.” By making modifications to each driver’s route, you can improve fuel efficiency and diminish vehicle deterioration. In some instances, this could mean permanent changes to a route based on unchanging circumstances. Overall, optimized routing can improve vehicle and driver performance.

Using GPS trackers you could improve your vehicle performance by decreasing mileage, simplifying maintenance, tracking driver behavior, and route planning. All of these steps will make your vehicles more reliable and changing your daily routines by using GPS trackers means having a better business.

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How To Use GPS Trackers For Better Vehicle Performance: Part 1

GPS tracker: Daily routines for improved fleets

As a fleet business manager, your greatest assets after your employees are your vehicles. The way that your vehicles function is of great importance for fleet managers, because it is costly when the business has to take a hit with unexpected downtime and maintenance repairs. There are many ways that GPS trackers can create better managing processes for improved vehicle performance. In part one of this series, we will be discussing two out of four ways that GPS trackers can be integrated into your daily routine to improve vehicle performance.

1.) Decrease Mileage: It is inevitable that components like tires, brake pads and other under-the-hood parts will have to be replaced at some point, but being able to monitor mileage driven will cut down on the frequency of these replacements. GPS trackers will allow business managers to keep an eye on their company vehicles on the road via live-stream mapping. With the two-way communicator anything can be quickly relayed to the driver from the dispatcher. With GPS trackers monitoring drivers and their every move, there is less likelihood of drivers veering from their paths. By eliminating unnecessary mileage, you can extend the life of your vehicles.

2.) Simplify Maintenance: Ongoing maintenance is important for vehicles. Manually tracking every vehicle’s maintenance needs can be tricky. With GPS trackers you can schedule out your next oil changes, tire rotations and tune-ups for every fleet vehicle. The GPS trackers can send all the entered data and automatically alert by e-mail or text to remind you when maintenance is due. By giving your vehicles proper maintenance you can reduce risks of accidental malfunctions and increase your bottom line.

With GPS trackers you don’t have to do as much to enhance your fleet. By implementing the above mentioned practices into your daily routine you can get more from your vehicles and increase your bottom line. Check back in a few days for part two of this series where we will give you two more ways that GPS trackers can be used for better vehicle performance.

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Managers Can Make An Impression With GPS Trackers

GPS tracker: Presenting to the business owner

You’ve worked your way to the position of being a fleet manager and sometimes it is hard to keep making a positive impression on your business’ owner. The owner would surely love an opportunist to suggest fresh ideas about how the business can improve employee productivity, increase driver safety, save money on fuel costs and make business better all around. GPS trackers are a simple solution to solving all of those business obstacles and making you, the opportunist, look like a manager of great worth.

Before presenting the idea of using GPS trackers in your company vehicles, it may be a good idea to do some research about which GPS trackers would best suit your business needs. As the common saying goes”knowing is half the battle.” You should keep in mind what business challenges you have the most. For example, if keeping up with vehicle maintenance is difficult, look for GPS trackers with reminder alert capabilities. If keeping up with payroll is a chore, your human resources department could benefit from your company using GPS trackers to automate clock-in and clock-out times. The possibilities are practically endless, so decent research will be vital.

Business owners will want to know that you are choosing a GPS tracking provider that is willing to give customer support. A reputable fleet tracking provider will help you identify areas that your fleet can improve, reduce costs, and increase productivity. US Fleet Tracking offers support before, during and after the sale. Having the support will be helpful for you to have an idea of how you could use the software and provide the data needed to present GPS trackers to your business owner.

US Fleet Tracking also provides online product manuals and online video training for ongoing assistance. These are key points that you would want to explain to your business owner, as having ongoing support from your GPS tracker provider guarantees you will get the most return on investment.

Finally, look for GPS trackers that report live data back to the company as it’s happening back. Anything slower than a 10-second updates will only show the company a mere fraction of its mobile fleet picture. You will also want GPS trackers that are 3G compatible. The GPS tracking industry has been able to grow on over the years with older generation technology, but now wireless data service providers are updating their networks which in turn requires the newest GPS tracker devices. Keep in mind; a better network means stronger connectivity and more accurate data.

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GPS Tracker Benefits For Limousine Services: Part 2

GPS tracker: Helping limo drivers

The time for proms and weddings is fast approaching, many of which jump start at the end of this month. In this season of fancy events, limousines are there to serve. In the last part of this series we discussed two benefits of GPS trackers for limousine services. There are many things limousine service drivers are able to accomplish with the use of GPS trackers. The limousine services that use GPS trackers are maintaining a high caliber work force and carrying out their duties in style. In part two of this series, we will explain two more benefits limousine services get from using GPS trackers.

1.) Promoting Safe Driving: Drivers that know when their driving techniques are being tracked are much less likely to take risks. The GPS trackers can allow mangers to monitor things like inconsistent driving, speeding, and other activities that leave the limousines, drivers and their passengers in danger. Safety is very important and should be something every limousine service considers. Anything that helps improve safety, saves the company money on paying out for accidents and saves the bottom line.

2.) Reducing Insurance Rates: Having auto insurance is a must for limousine services as they are responsible for carrying passengers. This means that the liability risks are larger and the costs of the vehicles are larger. GPS trackers prevent theft, because they provide managers with the ability to monitor where the vehicles are at, even outside of business hours. This permits drops in insurance rates. Also, as we mentioned already, GPS trackers help drivers be safer. When there are safer drivers, there are fewer tickets and that lowers insurance rates over time.

For a limousine service, the importance of promptness can hardly be overestimated. Even more importantly, GPS trackers helping with safe driving and reducing insurance rates are both perks that are unbeatable. It is remarkable how many ways GPS trackers can benefit limousine services.

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