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GPS tracker: The map tracking system

It has been said many times that fleet business owners can benefit to a great extent by implementing GPS trackers. One of the best features about GPS trackers is their ability to provide live map tracking. Do you know where your drivers are or what they are doing? With GPS trackers, you wouldn’t have to second guess whether your drivers were doing their job. Ready to know more?

Proper GPS tracking for trucks requires recent and clear mapping. In addition, you should be able to get live traffic information via the map in order to help drivers avoid delays. The goal is that you want to be able to see, clearly, what is going out there on the road. Our GPS trackers have accurate and up-to-date maps in order to be the most user friendly. There are different types of views you can choose from in the live tracking web-based system: Map view, Hybrid, Birdseye and Satellite. These options are available to you to help you manage your fleet better.

In each of these views, you may move the map and toggle the display of helpful information. Immediately below the view type buttons, there are checkbox options as well. A few of these include Center and Traffic. When the Center box is checked, the view will automatically center on your selected vehicles. You will be able to see where they’re all located on the live map. You can even optimize your drivers’ routes by seeing which places are heaviest in traffic and give your drivers directions to a path with less traffic. This could save so much time and keep drivers from idling, unnecessarily in long traffic lines. In addition, re-routing can be accomplished if there is construction blocking a driver from reaching his or her destination.

Perhaps an even greater aspect of GPS trackers with live mapping is that if you have any questions about your map control options, you can always click on the Live Support button near the bottom of your control panel. There are so many possibilities for the best monitoring thanks to GPS tracker live mapping features. Businesses that utilize GPS trackers with live map options can truly realize the benefits and gain complete control over their fleets in order to significantly reduce costs and produce productivity.

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