Monitoring Company Vehicles with GPS Trackers

monitor personal use of company vehicles

GPS trackers: Audit personal use of company vehicles

If your drivers are utilizing company vehicles for personal use this will increase your operational costs, fuel usage and other business expenses. If your drivers take home company vehicles for their personal use, how will you know about it? What if your drivers are using company vehicles to complete side jobs that don’t involve your company? If you do not have GPS trackers in your vehicles then chances are you may never know. A GPS tracking system can be a business’ life saver in more than one way.

GPS trackers can help managers keep track of ongoing business operations in the field. With live (by the second) tracking updates, managers will know where their drivers are at all the time. The GPS tracker in each vehicle can be used to log when a driver arrives to the scene of a job-site, when they begin their work and when they leave.

Some GPS trackers allow for programmed off-hour alerts. This means that managers can make certain their vehicles aren’t being taken out on the town during non-working hours. The GPS tracking software can send automated emails or text messages to managers to let them decide what needs to be done.

Fuel expenses would also be less if vehicles remained unused during unauthorized times. If your drivers were using the company vehicles for personal use, who is to say they weren’t filling up the gas tank with the company fuel card also? With GPS trackers you would never have to worry about the fuel being used inappropriately in your company vehicles. The GPS trackers can be coordinated to work with your fuel card provider to help monitor fuel card fraud.

Of course, you also don’t want your drivers making money on the side with your company vehicle. You might be helping competitors without even knowing it if this occurs. Moreover, there are tons of expenses that come along as a result of over-using the company vehicle outside normal working hours. There will be an increase in vehicle part replacements and more overall maintenance costs due to more wear and tear. GPS trackers will allow you to keep track of scheduled maintenance so if problems start occurring more frequently than usual, then you will know there is an issue.

Auditing personal use of company vehicles with GPS trackers is a smart way to save your company money.

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