GPS Tracker vs. GPS Personal Navigation Device


GPS Tracker: Superior monitoring

The first GPS satellite was launched about 36 years ago, but the technology didn’t actually become fully operational until almost 20 years after that. Even then the technology wasn’t available to the public as it was originally meant for the military. These days, however; using GPS technology has become customary. There are different ways GPS technology is used such as with a GPS tracker and a GPS personal navigation device. These two devices might seem the same, but upon closer inspection there are significant differences.

Personal navigation devices (PND) are being installed in most new vehicles and people with older vehicles generally use portable GPS navigation units. A PND is usually loaded with pre-set maps that are current to the time they are programmed and the maps get stored to the device’s memory. Afterwards, the GPS navigator receives signals from the satellite, which provides it with its own coordinates. If customers never update their maps, then they will not know about changes due to construction zones and the development of new streets or neighborhoods. Most companies will update this information for you every few months for a fee.

What GPS trackers do for your business is very diverse. A GPS tracker receives data from the Global Positioning System and relays the information of its location via cellular service to a tracking platform and in turn converts its coordinates into a point on a map. Most will use common mapping services like Google Maps or MapQuest, which are kept up to date. A small monthly fee goes into the preservation and maintenance of the platform. GPS trackers are more than just a handy map; they have many other options for your business managers and drivers. With a GPS tracker you can schedule vehicle maintenance reminders, monitor the safety of your drivers and even manage fuel usage. In all of these ways your business could save money in the long run.

With so many features, it is clear to see that GPS tracker offers a multitude of services versus the inferior PND that does not offer safety monitoring, fuel calculation or scheduled calendar reminders.

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