GPS Trackers For Winter

trucks on ice

GPS tracker: Preparing vehicles and drivers

It is still winter and GPS trackers will become your best friend when the icy storms are upon us and the roads become dangerous to navigate. While personal vehicles can remain at home with their owners, most fleet trucks will be out on the roads, because drivers are expected to stick to their schedules. Preparing vehicles for the winter usually starts earlier in the season, but there are always some that wait until later. If you still haven’t prepared your vehicles there is something you should know; a great way to get started is by utilizing GPS tracking. The fantastic thing about GPS trackers is that they can aid in keeping drivers actively safe.

GPS trackers help management keep track of scheduled maintenance. It is evident that some vehicle preparation for winter will need to be completed. This can include things like ensuring that coolant and heaters work correctly. It is important to get each vehicle a thorough check-up with the mechanic, because vehicle breakdowns in the cold weather cause more risk of terrible accidents. A checklist should be developed to determine which vehicles will be making certain runs.

A GPS tracker system will make this type of work much quicker, easier and cheaper by recording fault codes and engine diagnostics. Managers will have every bit of information needed in their hands. When complications arise, managers will have immediate access to the problem in order to take action.

GPS trackers can show management important information about how well the drivers perform. In addition, GPS trackers can be programmed to give live updates every few seconds if need be. This will allow management to address any safety concerns on the spot or save data for later viewing.

In the unfortunate event that a storm does keep a driver from reaching their customer’s destination in a timely manner, it is important to warn the customer. Since the GPS tracker system allows management to see where their drivers are they can quickly relay the message by calling the customer to let them know the driver’s estimated arrival time. Management can also see potential hazards on the road and can redirect the driver to a safer route thanks to the GPS tracker system’s software with live weather overlay capabilities.

Clearly, GPS trackers improve the communication between drivers and managers as well as make it much easier to prepare both for the winter season.

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