GPS Tracker Technology Trends

GPS tracker: Trends drivers should know about

GPS tracker systems can be utilized for many things such as to monitor the hours a vehicle spends driving, idle time and fuel usage. By recording this data for your drivers, you can manage them much easier. As stated by the Greek Philosopher, Heraclitus, “everything changes and nothing stands still.” This is very much true of the ever-changing GPS tracker technology trends. According to an article published in Automotive Fleet Magazine, some of the most important technology trends for GPS trackers are prognostics for vehicle maintenance and integration.

For years it has been possible to collect engine diagnostics data, but using GPS tracker technology to prevent vehicle breakdowns is becoming the way of the future and is setting the new standard for vehicle maintenance. It is without a doubt that having breakdowns can be costly due to the repairs and the employee downtime. The GPS tracker can help you keep up with maintenance by having scheduled, automatic reminder prompts.

Having the most up-to-date GPS tracker technology can certainly improve your customer service. What business manager wouldn’t want that? With that being said, it is important for drivers to know that Application Programming Interface (API), map overlays, data connect and data dump integrations are becoming progressively popular. These software platforms will make your business run more smoothly and it is technology that is very easy to use. The most important benefit of API integration would be the ability to add a customer map, which shows your vehicles’ real-time locations, on your website or mobile device for customers to see any time. This, too, will make your customers happy.

As things change, it is important to be on the lookout for updates to keep your business working with the best technology out there.

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How GPS Trackers Involve Football Players

GPS tracker: Bringing the “A” game

GPS tracker technology is a rapid-growing trend and it is now being used for some NFL football players. It is amazing to think that technology has made such great strides in the last few years. In the 1990’s, GPS tracking was hardly even thought of, but in 2015 we are all about what the new trends will be. This technology can be used to tell which football players are putting their best foot forward and which ones are lagging behind.

By watching the football players, coaches and staff can keep tabs on bio-mechanical data. The GPS trackers offer real-time monitoring which can be used to put players on the sidelines if they require a much needed rest. GPS tracker technology is being used for football practices as well for the safety of the players. It is being used to monitor vitals so as to prevent them from getting to a state of fatigue. In addition, players can monitor their injuries during conditioning, practices and games. Currently, fifteen out of thirty two NFL teams are managing their players with GPS trackers.

The GPS trackers are essentially collecting data over a period of time so coaches and trainers will have a basis to predict when players are peaking. The GPS tracking monitor is small enough to fit into a pouch underneath the shoulder pads and measures many stats per second. The GPS tracker, then, relays the information to monitoring software on a computer, turning it into an easy to read number. The higher the number is, the greater the exertion level of the player is.

Besides monitoring vital statistics, the GPS trackers can also measure a player’s running speeds, speed changes and directional changes. Knowing a player’s behaviors can add value to the types of plays coaches can plan out. It can also let coaches know which players are doing their best.

GPS trackers are definitely bringing their “A” game, are you?

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Delivery Times Decrease With GPS Trackers

GPS tracker: Improving business

GPS trackers can make being a manager of delivery drivers much easier. As a manager of delivery drivers you have an assortment of challenges popping up on a regular basis. In addition, your drivers have to endure many things like weather conditions, traffic, construction and vehicle maintenance. All of these obstacles are in combination with the continuous process of making deliveries and all of them are equally important to your business. Obviously, you want to maintain a good business image by ensuring that deliveries are on time and making customers happy.

Wonderful customer service isn’t required, but it sure is recommended for best business practice. GPS trackers give you access to live maps and the ability to offer route-planning to your drivers. This will decrease the risk of drivers being held up in traffic or taking a wrong turn. Since the GPS tracker can show you the ongoing location of each driver, you can also easily conclude which driver is nearest to a location and assign them to the job. This will save loads of time.

The types of things you, as a manager, should be looking for are drivers’ speeds and idling times. More specifically, you will know how long a driver stayed at any given location and you will be able to monitor if anything happens off the clock. GPS trackers can offer you reports at the touch of a finger with all of this information. With this evidence you can have a meeting with your drivers to review their progress. When they have the information provided to them, they will know what they need to do in order to decrease their delivery times.

As an added bonus, thanks to the technology that GPS trackers provide you, customers can be informed by you with up-to-date delivery information. This will help you build a solid foundation with your customers making them more likely to be return customers.

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A GPS Tracker For Everyone

GPS tracker: Fleet size matters

Gone are the days of companies having to rely solely on the “how’s my driving?” sign to feel confident of their drivers’ road performance. Thanks to live GPS trackers, companies have the ability to know more than just a driver’s etiquette on the highway, or even how safe their fellow drivers feel. GPS tracking gives companies an entire overview of their teams’ efficiency level.

When choosing GPS trackers, it is important to consider the size of your fleet. Not all systems work well for all fleet sizes. Research is the key to making sure you get what fits your needs the best. You will want to choose a system that will help you stay informed about the issues you have the most concern with.

If you’re a small business, you can benefit from GPS trackers by automating manual processes and doing away with paper checklists. GPS trackers can also help small businesses by protecting vehicles from theft and monitoring fuel usage. These are both financially important aspects.

If you’re a larger company with the need to have employees access the GPS tracker records, then choosing a platform that allows for multiple users is the way to go. If you create custom dashboards then drivers will only access information that they need for their job responsibility. Monitoring multiple drivers can be a cinch for managers who can see real-time GPS tracking alerts.

If keeping abreast of regular vehicle maintenance is your main area of concern, then you will want a GPS tracker that can schedule those reminders and send alerts to you. If you have problems with payroll, then monitoring your drivers’ work time is a great tool for you. For a lot of companies monitoring geographical location of drivers is an ordeal.

The technology behind the GPS tracker allows managers to monitor their drivers’ time on the road, driving patterns, speeds and more. GPS trackers also take the guess work out of monitoring. Let’s face it, most people won’t take the time to call in a report about the great things a company driver is doing. It is important, however; to take notice of drivers when they maintain company policy and safety standards.

In a perfect world everyone would make the best use of company resources and always exhibit their best work, but the world isn’t perfect and that is where GPS trackers can help.

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Monitoring Company Vehicles with GPS Trackers

GPS trackers: Audit personal use of company vehicles

If your drivers are utilizing company vehicles for personal use this will increase your operational costs, fuel usage and other business expenses. If your drivers take home company vehicles for their personal use, how will you know about it? What if your drivers are using company vehicles to complete side jobs that don’t involve your company? If you do not have GPS trackers in your vehicles then chances are you may never know. A GPS tracking system can be a business’ life saver in more than one way.

GPS trackers can help managers keep track of ongoing business operations in the field. With live (by the second) tracking updates, managers will know where their drivers are at all the time. The GPS tracker in each vehicle can be used to log when a driver arrives to the scene of a job-site, when they begin their work and when they leave.

Some GPS trackers allow for programmed off-hour alerts. This means that managers can make certain their vehicles aren’t being taken out on the town during non-working hours. The GPS tracking software can send automated emails or text messages to managers to let them decide what needs to be done.

Fuel expenses would also be less if vehicles remained unused during unauthorized times. If your drivers were using the company vehicles for personal use, who is to say they weren’t filling up the gas tank with the company fuel card also? With GPS trackers you would never have to worry about the fuel being used inappropriately in your company vehicles. The GPS trackers can be coordinated to work with your fuel card provider to help monitor fuel card fraud.

Of course, you also don’t want your drivers making money on the side with your company vehicle. You might be helping competitors without even knowing it if this occurs. Moreover, there are tons of expenses that come along as a result of over-using the company vehicle outside normal working hours. There will be an increase in vehicle part replacements and more overall maintenance costs due to more wear and tear. GPS trackers will allow you to keep track of scheduled maintenance so if problems start occurring more frequently than usual, then you will know there is an issue.

Auditing personal use of company vehicles with GPS trackers is a smart way to save your company money.

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GPS Trackers Can Deter Employee Shoplifting

GPS tracker: Merchandise monitoring

GPS trackers can be used for more that just vehicles these days. Studies show that shoplifting is quickly becoming out of control in America and GPS trackers could help. Retail Theft Barometer is the only global research team that puts together an analysis on the cost of shrink, comprised of shoplifting, employee or supplier fraud and administrative errors. The most recent survey conducted by this team found that, in America, forty three percent of employees accounted for lost revenue and traditional, customer shoplifters accounted for thirty seven percent.

It has been ingrained in all of us at some point, whether at school or through family values, that shoplifting is a crime. Retail loss is a grave concern, because this is one of the main reasons why stores have to raise prices. They have to cover their shrinkage in order to make profit. Many stores have already started using small, alarm devices on the outside of their merchandise to alert them when customers attempt to leave the store without paying for an item.

GPS trackers could be used for larger items of greater value by placing the devices inside the packages rather than on the outside the packages. This way, the packages could be tracked from shipping all the way to in-store placement. This will prevent employees from being able to shoplift the items prior to them being displayed in stores. Once merchandise is in stores, GPS trackers would be a great way to prevent items from “walking out the door.”

If merchandise did happen to make it outside the store without being paid for, GPS trackers could be activated to alert store management. In this way, it would be much easier to locate and recover items quickly. Imagine what the big sale weekends would be like if GPS tracking were monitoring all the large ticket items. When people pay for their items they could be tracked by serial number so as to maintain a list of what is no longer in inventory. The items bought and paid for would not need to be tracked any longer.

GPS trackers could not only deter employee and customer shoplifting, but they can help with the store’s bottom line.

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Geofencing & GPS Tracking

GPS tracker: What geofencing is about

You’re probably wondering what this GPS tracker feature called geofencing can really do for you? The geofence can be any shape or size and allows you to set a boundary area where a vehicle is allowed or not allowed to travel. This will alert you if your driver happens to travel across the set boundary. It is, truthfully, one of the most complex features of the GPS tracker system, but it can improve the quality of your business in many diverse ways.

Of course, it is imperative for drivers to be at a job site timely. Geofence alerts will warn you when a driver enters or exits their job-site. With a GPS tracker system, you will be able to have a digital time stamp for the arrive time of your drivers, when their work actually begins and when they leave. This means no more pesky time sheets or clocking in. The drivers can just get right down to business.

Another way geofencing can help is by making payroll a little easier. Payroll is a headache for a lot of companies and it’s normal if you feel this way about yours. Don’t let paper timekeeping weigh you down. GPS trackers mean that you will never feel the strain of manually keeping track of your drivers’ work hours again. With the GPS tracker system you can allow geofencing to automate your timekeeping records to an all new accuracy level. Payroll nightmares can finally be over.

Geofence alerts can also save you money by keeping your insurance premiums to a minimum. Insurance companies love safety features and give discounts to companies that utilize GPS trackers. The geofence alerts will allow for after hours monitoring to prevent theft or damage to vehicles. GPS tracking devices coupled with geofence alerts gives your equipment much more security. Geofences are a very valuable way to help improve your business.

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GPS Tracker Maintenance Alerting Features

GPS tracker: Automated reminders

If you are a large fleet company in the market for a new GPS tracker system, you should be alerted to the fact that there are different types of GPS trackers. A large fleet will have different needs than a small business with only two or three work trucks. One of the most strenuous things a large fleet company manager must deal with is ongoing vehicle maintenance. So, if you have many vehicles and you aren’t sure which GPS tracker is right for you, a smart choice would be a GPS tracker that makes it easiest for you to keep on top of vehicle maintenance. It is no doubt that it would be bad for business should a vehicle break down on the job.

When dealing with a large fleet it can become quite overwhelming to keep track of vehicle maintenance schedules on such a large scale. Going from vehicle to vehicle to manually write down odometer readings is very time consuming. Running your business has enough time constraints without adding to them unnecessarily. If you have a programmed GPS tracker to send you automated maintenance alerts you can plan ahead for the maintenance you need rather than relying on old-fashioned paper documents to keep yourself informed of vehicle needs.

A GPS tracker with maintenance alerting features can allow you to enter in any type of maintenance reminder based on mileage, run time hours or set dates. This could include reminders on services like the next oil change, tire rotations and other preventative maintenance routines. Additionally, you could schedule reminders for warranty expiration or vehicle tag renewal dates.

By being able to control the vehicle maintenance you will save on the extra costs associated with breakdowns and employee downtime. With GPS trackers you could have the knowledge you need at your fingertips within minutes, allowing you to better spend your time doing more productive activities to help the overall success of your business.

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GPS Trackers Gain You More Business

GPS tracker: Win over your clients

As a business owner you may have debated about the idea of getting GPS trackers. Perhaps, you are worried about upsetting your drivers. The truth is that GPS trackers do so much to save your business money that it is worth the potential backlash that you may receive from your drivers. GPS trackers have refashioned the world of business as we know it. GPS trackers have made business and life a whole lot easier. At one point in time, no one would have been able to even fathom that just by entering in a location, an electronic device would be able to guide us to that exact location we were looking for. Furthermore, a GPS tracker can do many more things.

With GPS trackers you can increase productivity of your business in many ways. GPS trackers can help you to provide more accurate services to customers, making them happy and more likely to use your services again. A GPS tracker system can allow you to track dispatching, which will help your drivers to be more efficient workers. For example, if an emergency call comes in you can quickly pull up your GPS tracker software to view the real-time map and within minutes you can locate the nearest driver to the location of the customer.

As soon as you locate the nearest driver the location they are needed, you can go one step further by offering the driver turn-by-turn directions to the desired destination, if need be. What’s great is that the only thing left to do is make a simple phone call to the customer letting them know how long it will take for the driver to make it to the location. In that regard, your customers will learn that they can depend on you for timely and friendly service.

Imagine how your business image could be boosted in the eyes of the customer just because you were using a GPS tracker.

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GPS Tracker vs. GPS Personal Navigation Device

GPS Tracker: Superior monitoring

The first GPS satellite was launched about 36 years ago, but the technology didn’t actually become fully operational until almost 20 years after that. Even then the technology wasn’t available to the public as it was originally meant for the military. These days, however; using GPS technology has become customary. There are different ways GPS technology is used such as with a GPS tracker and a GPS personal navigation device. These two devices might seem the same, but upon closer inspection there are significant differences.

Personal navigation devices (PND) are being installed in most new vehicles and people with older vehicles generally use portable GPS navigation units. A PND is usually loaded with pre-set maps that are current to the time they are programmed and the maps get stored to the device’s memory. Afterwards, the GPS navigator receives signals from the satellite, which provides it with its own coordinates. If customers never update their maps, then they will not know about changes due to construction zones and the development of new streets or neighborhoods. Most companies will update this information for you every few months for a fee.

What GPS trackers do for your business is very diverse. A GPS tracker receives data from the Global Positioning System and relays the information of its location via cellular service to a tracking platform and in turn converts its coordinates into a point on a map. Most will use common mapping services like Google Maps or MapQuest, which are kept up to date. A small monthly fee goes into the preservation and maintenance of the platform. GPS trackers are more than just a handy map; they have many other options for your business managers and drivers. With a GPS tracker you can schedule vehicle maintenance reminders, monitor the safety of your drivers and even manage fuel usage. In all of these ways your business could save money in the long run.

With so many features, it is clear to see that GPS tracker offers a multitude of services versus the inferior PND that does not offer safety monitoring, fuel calculation or scheduled calendar reminders.

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