GPS Trackers are Christmas Magic: Part 2

Santa GPS

GPS tracker: Helping Santa

“Oh what fun it is to” think that the medium used to successfully navigate the commuting aspect of your business might just be the same technology used by Santa on Christmas Eve. To us, GPS tracking and Christmas Magic are one in the same.

There are few more ways we can imagine the Jolly Old Soul using our GPS Tracking services. For example, maintenance reminders for the sleigh. Christmas Eve is no time for the sleigh to break-down. With maintenance alerts on the sleigh, the elves are able to maintain the health of the sleigh all through the year so it is in tip-top shape for the big night. If a hiccup did occur for a reason out of his control, Santa’s GPS tracker would alert the North Pole to send help on the way.

Another service Santa uses is geofences. The option for geofence saves Christmas in several ways. First of all, setting a perimeter around the sleigh while Santa is going down the chimney adds security to the gifts and sleigh. Should a bad girl or boy attempt to steal the gifts or take off with the sleigh, the unsanctioned perimeter breach would set off an alert. GPS tracking would be responsible for giving Santa and his elves ample time to take action.

Nothing is worse than when a good little girl or boy wakes up to an empty Christmas tree, because Santa overlooked them on the list. Even Santa can be forgetful at times, so he utilizes his GPS tracker reminders to makes sure that no one is forgotten. With a watchful eye on “The List,” the dispatcher elf at the North Pole can keep an eye on Santa’s location and should he leave a certain area before every child is checked off the list in that area, they can notify Santa.

Air traffic is not a problem for Santa thanks to GPS tracking: The hustle and bustle of the season certainly does not slow down on Christmas Eve. Normally, this might slow Santa down since he really likes to work without being seen. From the dispatch at the North Pole, elves are able to see where the traffic is located, thus sending Santa on a different route.

Thanks to the technology of a GPS tracker, Santa is able to make lots of children happy.

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