Common Fears of Implementing a GPS Tracker: Part 2

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GPS Tracker: Debunking Your Fears

In part one of this series we discussed how a GPS tracker can help managers monitor drivers for optimum safety and how having the ability to monitor fleets is a fantastic way to excel your business’ customer service, efficiency and productivity. In part two of this series we will debunk a few more fears you may still have about GPS trackers.

Your Fear: Our budget will not allow for a GPS tracker in all vehicles

Assurance: If you are reserved about spending money on something you’re unsure of, then a great way to test out the ability of a GPS tracker is to purchase only a few to give them a trial run. By trying out a GPS tracker on your most used vehicles, first, you can test out how much the data really does help your business. This will allow you to establish a foundation on which to determine your budget for the project of installing more GPS trackers. Realizing how much money you will save in the long run should be beneficial to you so you can create the budget.

Your Fear: I don’t know which GPS tracker to try.

Assurance: There are different types of GPS trackers and it is a legitimate concern to wonder which one will be right for your drivers. To determine what you need, evaluate your largest business challenges. If managing scheduled vehicle maintenance is a difficult task for your fleet, then choosing a GPS tracker with the ability to give maintenance reminders is where you will want to start. If you want to categorize your fleets based on vehicle type or geographical location, then you will want a platform that has hierarchy capabilities. These are just a few common examples of what people look for in a GPS tracker. You may have other important factors to examine. Researching different GPS tracker features and benefits will aid you in knowing the appropriate questions to ask of your GPS tracker provider.

The best way to see if your fleet will benefit from GPS tracker technology is to try it out. Although it seems daunting at first glance, the reasons to implement a GPS tracker certainly outweigh the fears.

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