GPS Tracker Can Lower Your Auto Insurance Rates

Save On Insurance GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker: Obtain Auto Insurance Discounts

Auto insurance is something everyone is required to have. It’s that pesky necessity that everyone hates due to added monthly expense, but what if there were a way your fleet could actually save money on auto insurance?

You might be thinking that simply informing the insurance company verbally about your safest drivers out in the field will get you somewhere, but all it will get you is, possibly, applause or a pat on the back. That’s nice, but what you really want is proof to show the insurance companies that you really do have safe drivers out there. A GPS tracker is your ticket to obtaining auto insurance discounts. With a GPS tracker monitoring your fleets you will have evidence that your drivers are following driving laws and that they are in compliance with speed limits.

Having unsafe drivers can raise insurance rates by an average of 12.5 percent. Realistically, there is no sure-fire way to know if you are hiring only safe drivers. Your solution to that would be to use GPS trackers in your fleet vehicles to help boost driver performance. When people know they are being observed, they tend to operate more efficiently. One great thing about a GPS tracker is that it can record harsh breaking, acceleration levels, and ongoing driving speed. By auditing drivers you can maintain evidence that your drivers really are the safest drivers out on the road. In this way, you can save your company from being slapped with higher insurance rates.

As an added bonus, many insurance companies will even give businesses that utilize a GPS tracker system in their vehicles a discount. Not only do GPS trackers improve safety, they also decreases the chance of theft. With a live access GPS tracker map you can pinpoint where fleets are at and receive alerts about unauthorized vehicle movement. If something saves an insurance company from having to work a claim, they tend to appreciate it, because they can save money and time. GPS tracker is like the insurance company’s best friend in that regard.

So, just because you have to have auto insurance doesn’t mean it needs to be a pain the neck. Leave it to a GPS tracker to help you lower your auto insurance rates by being able to provide you with the proof you need to show that your drivers are safe and that your business is a low risk client to insurance companies.

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