Use GPS Trackers To Guard Construction Vehicles from Theft

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GPS Tracker: Your Anti-theft Solution

Theft of your construction vehicles can send your company into a frenzied panic and it can be a very pricey recovery. Not only are you saddled with the expenses of vehicle replacement, but it becomes an issue for fleet managers, who not only lose invaluable tools, but also pay the price of business downtime and possible increase in insurance premiums. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s Fact Sheets (, “heavy equipment theft is a growing problem throughout North America. In many instances, these sophisticated criminals have equipment shopping lists.” These are the top three types of equipment most frequently stolen:

1.) Skid steers
2.) Backhoe loaders
3.) Generators

The professional thieves, obviously, want to take items they can quickly sell for the highest profit. For the construction industry just under half of thefts occur for light duty vehicles, trailers and work trucks. Before you are victimized and forced to take a business loss, think about the purchase of a GPS tracker system. A GPS tracker is the perfect solution to guarding precious vehicle parts and always knowing where your fleets are located is one of the best ways to prohibit theft. Moreover, if a construction vehicle is not supposed to be removed from a construction site you can have live access with landmark alerts.

By adding a GPS tracker you could have firsthand observation of your fleet’s whereabouts and the knowledge needed to reclaim stolen property rapidly. The reason this works is that you can see the current location of a vehicle on a very easy to read map which would be beneficial information to provide to authorities. With a GPS tracker you will be watching your assets, which means watching your bottom line and conclusively means saving you money.

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