GPS Trackers And Emergency Medical Services

GPS tracker: Enhancing medical services

GPS trackers are being installed, across the country, in many types of vehicles, including emergency medical service vehicles. New Year’s Eve is a time of year when many people are out having fun, but unfortunately, the risk of accidents also increase. It would be great to be able to send the emergency medical service vehicle with GPS tracking so as to provide the quickest response time and to be able to track them more frequently while they are in-route. After the patients have been transported, the GPS tracker system can also improve billing accuracy.

Getting to an emergency situation rapidly is of the utmost importance to emergency medical service vehicles. Taking the patients back to the hospital quickly is also important. The best dispatching can be done using turn-by-turn directions to the location of patient pick-up. If there are construction zones or other obstacles, the dispatch manager can see them on the GPS tracker and relay the message to the drivers. They can also re-route the drivers by showing them the quickest, alternate route. Every second counts in saving a life, so having this information at a fingertip’s touch is critical.

Being able to have frequent updates is also a very powerful tool. Some GPS trackers update every ten seconds for when an emergency arises. This way the emergency medical service vehicle will have constant updates while it is in-route to and from the hospital. It is no doubt that by these standards, GPS tracking can be a life saver.

Later, the GPS tracker system can help with the billing process. After patients have been transported safely to the hospital, a report can be generated which will show the mileage driven, the time and distance driven. This will account for better billing accuracy for patients. Furthermore, this will improve customer service and cut down on billing disputes. The information can also be pulled later in case records get lost or if they are needed again as the GPS tracker will keep the information recorded.

Don’t let your emergency medical service vehicles be outdated, save lives quicker with GPS tracking.

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Advantages of Real-Time GPS Tracker Alerts

GPS tracker: Live alerts

GPS tracker systems offer fleets an abundance of data for managers to monitor and it is fantastic to be informed. US Fleet Tracking offers GPS tracker systems that send live alerts as they happen. This is a great way to stay on top of business needs and for managers to monitor fleets effectively. This is a huge advantage over some of the other systems that do not allow for updated alerts in real-time. With GPS trackers, you could change your working world by getting information to you that is most important to your business.

Receiving alerts in real-time means that you will never miss out on what your drivers are up to. If you want to be notified of how many stops a driver makes in between job-sites, you will be able to track that. Other types of alerts you would want to send to management would be things like speeding alerts. If you have drivers in your fleet well-known for speeding then setting a speeding alert to be notified when drivers are over the speed limit is the obvious choice for you. The drivers can then receive specific instructions from the you based on what you learned from monitoring the GPS tracker system. You can also set schedule reminders for vehicle maintenance. Some GPS trackers systems can even be customized to send alerts only to the individuals that the alert is intended for. The reality is sending the alert as it happens to the right person is what clients truly need.

If a vehicle is spending too much time in idle it can consume fuel. The rising costs of fuel make idling a serious problem. The more money wasted on excessive fuel costs, the more your business’ bottom line suffers. By monitoring the true idle time of drivers through GPS tracker alerts you can enhance daily routes and reduce miles driven. This could, in turn, increase your bottom line.

Let the advantages of real-time GPS tracker alerts work for you.

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Ways to better your business with a GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker: Working Smarter Made Easier for You

It’s not being lazy if you have a system in place to help your business, it’s being efficient! The truth is you have probably been drilled on the idea of working hard your whole business career and often times you most likely put in more work than necessary. Continuing down the path of tedious, meaningless work is time consuming and a waste of money. GPS tracker technology can do many things to make your life a little easier.

If you’re spending endless, tiresome hours keeping manual records for invoicing, then you’re working too hard. GPS tracker solutions can simplify the process for you by keeping track of information. You can pull reports to access dates, times and accurate hours worked on a project for proper billing. GPS trackers can help you save time and that is the most important aspect of business, because as they say, “time is money.”

Another great way a GPS tracker can help better your business is by tracking information about your fleet vehicles. Wouldn’t it be nice to stop manually logging odometer readings? A GPS tracker can give you a reading of vehicle odometers for your entire fleet in real-time. Also, we all know it can be ridiculously time consuming to stay on top of vehicle maintenance. A GPS tracker could also help you in this area by scheduling and sending vehicle service reminders.

Lastly, but definitely not the least important way, a GPS tracker can improve customer service. If there is a customer emergency you want to make sure you can respond as rapidly as possible. Your fleet can do that most easily by seeing a live access GPS tracker map. In this way, the drivers will know which vehicle is closest to the customer in need, saving a lot of wasted time trying to figure this out on their own. Keep in mind not all GPS tracker systems are the same, and most systems are nowhere near live updating platforms.

Working a smarter way, not a harder way is what a GPS tracker can offer you.

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GPS Trackers are Christmas Magic: Part 2

GPS tracker: Helping Santa

“Oh what fun it is to” think that the medium used to successfully navigate the commuting aspect of your business might just be the same technology used by Santa on Christmas Eve. To us, GPS tracking and Christmas Magic are one in the same.

There are few more ways we can imagine the Jolly Old Soul using our GPS Tracking services. For example, maintenance reminders for the sleigh. Christmas Eve is no time for the sleigh to break-down. With maintenance alerts on the sleigh, the elves are able to maintain the health of the sleigh all through the year so it is in tip-top shape for the big night. If a hiccup did occur for a reason out of his control, Santa’s GPS tracker would alert the North Pole to send help on the way.

Another service Santa uses is geofences. The option for geofence saves Christmas in several ways. First of all, setting a perimeter around the sleigh while Santa is going down the chimney adds security to the gifts and sleigh. Should a bad girl or boy attempt to steal the gifts or take off with the sleigh, the unsanctioned perimeter breach would set off an alert. GPS tracking would be responsible for giving Santa and his elves ample time to take action.

Nothing is worse than when a good little girl or boy wakes up to an empty Christmas tree, because Santa overlooked them on the list. Even Santa can be forgetful at times, so he utilizes his GPS tracker reminders to makes sure that no one is forgotten. With a watchful eye on “The List,” the dispatcher elf at the North Pole can keep an eye on Santa’s location and should he leave a certain area before every child is checked off the list in that area, they can notify Santa.

Air traffic is not a problem for Santa thanks to GPS tracking: The hustle and bustle of the season certainly does not slow down on Christmas Eve. Normally, this might slow Santa down since he really likes to work without being seen. From the dispatch at the North Pole, elves are able to see where the traffic is located, thus sending Santa on a different route.

Thanks to the technology of a GPS tracker, Santa is able to make lots of children happy.

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GPS Trackers are Christmas Magic: Part 1

GPS tracker: Helping Santa

Have you ever considered how Santa manages to deliver each and every gift to every boy and girl before they wake up on Christmas morning? While some suspect Christmas magic is involved, we are stuck on the belief that Santa has been using a GPS tracker long before it was ever available to us.

We would like to think of GPS tracker features as being behind the success of Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. For example, turn-by-turn directions to each house. A GPS tracker being installed in the sleigh means that Santa never has to depend on an outdated map to arrive to each child’s home. Even in the event that a child moves to a different house, state, or country than the one Santa has been used to, GPS tracker alerts Santa on the exact directions to the new location. Turn-by-turn instructions mean that Santa never gets lost. This means more time to spare on his journey, which more than likely leads to more milk and cookies back at home with Mrs. Claus.

Weather delays do not cause setbacks for Santa, because his GPS tracker allows Santa free access to the sky he needs to arrive at his destinations. His team at the North Pole can look at their virtual portal and see weather patterns that may hamper his timeliness. Interactive maps allow the elves to see where Santa might have a hard time navigating.

GPS trackers could be being used for the accountability for the elves. While we like to believe that every elf is honest, this is not always the case. GPS tracking is a way to keep tabs on if the elves are where they need to be when they say they are going to be there. This keeps them more productively producing toys needed to meet the demands of the growing population.

The elves also know that their timecards are being recorded properly so they will always get paid on time. If an elf is able to take care of their family effectively, they will hopefully never feel the need to go on strike. If the elves are happy, everyone is happy.

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About GPS Tracker Telematics

GPS tracker: Be in the know

There are many things to know about GPS tracker telematics that will aid your business. According to the 2014 Fleet Guide, a Bobit Media publication, there are new technology trends coming. There is also helpful information in the guide which can be used to understand how to implement a GPS tracker telematics program and increase return on investment for businesses.

Telematics technology is constantly changing as new trends are developed. It is crucial for managers to stay informed of these upcoming changes as they will inevitability affect their business. One of the topics mentioned in the guide was about the switch from 2G networks to higher speed networks of 3G. Other upgrades include better integration such as smart phones, tablets, application-programming interface and social media.

Implementing a GPS tracker telematics program properly is vital in order to gain the most benefit for your business. The best steps to implement this type of program are by defining your business goals, setting expectations for those goals, gaining executive buy-in, doing your research on which GPS tracker telematics program will be right for you, starting a pilot program and making an installation plan. All of these steps are important for the GPS tracker telematics program, which can be a powerful way to gain insight into your fleet, and favors a speedy and ongoing return of investment.

Most managers are aware that a GPS tracker system can help them, but they do not know all the wonderful ways this technology can give them a return on investment. To evaluate actual return on investment, fleet manager should start by comparing costs before and after implementation. The first step is to begin by gathering information on GPS tracker telematics programs so as to know what the costs of operation expenses will be. Tracking fleet performance statistics before installation will allow business managers to see how much easier their lives become when GPS tracker telematics technology is able to help them monitor things like vehicle usage, idle time, fuel consumption, miles-per-gallon, number of trips per day and many other areas that influence driver performance.

It is important to be mindful of your options and the benefits GPS tracker telematic technology can offer your business.

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Three Ways To Have Success With GPS Trackers

GPS tracker: Be prepared

GPS tracker systems have complex software and if you have decided to install them in your vehicles, it is imperative to understand how the software functions. In addition, it is important to know how to utilize the system to your advantage in order to solve business obstacles such as managing driver safety, vehicle maintenance, fuel costs, customer service and more. There are three ways to have success with GPS trackers: Offer training, allow for ongoing training coupled with support and test your drivers before implementing the GPS trackers.

If you were running a race you would want to do some endurance training first to make sure your body was prepared. GPS trackers are no different in that regard, you have to train for it. As a fleet manager you should arrange to train your drivers on how to operate the GPS tracker system. Furthermore, rather than just telling the dispatchers how to do things like schedule fuel reports or alert setups, it is essential to take it one step further and explain to the team why they should be doing them.

Another way you will have the most success with GPS trackers is by selecting a platform that grants drivers the opportunity to have ongoing training and support with the system. Some GPS tracker systems have features that allow drivers to access training videos on demand within the system. This would be a tremendous help for future questions that drivers may have about the GPS trackers.

Once you have your training sessions completed, drivers should be tested on their knowledge of the GPS tracker system to ensure the highest success with using them. Taking the time to implement this extra step will give you the most on return and investments. Not only does this enforce participation of your drivers, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that the GPS tracker system will be used to the best of its ability.

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Common Fears of Implementing a GPS Tracker: Part 2

GPS Tracker: Debunking Your Fears

In part one of this series we discussed how a GPS tracker can help managers monitor drivers for optimum safety and how having the ability to monitor fleets is a fantastic way to excel your business’ customer service, efficiency and productivity. In part two of this series we will debunk a few more fears you may still have about GPS trackers.

Your Fear: Our budget will not allow for a GPS tracker in all vehicles

Assurance: If you are reserved about spending money on something you’re unsure of, then a great way to test out the ability of a GPS tracker is to purchase only a few to give them a trial run. By trying out a GPS tracker on your most used vehicles, first, you can test out how much the data really does help your business. This will allow you to establish a foundation on which to determine your budget for the project of installing more GPS trackers. Realizing how much money you will save in the long run should be beneficial to you so you can create the budget.

Your Fear: I don’t know which GPS tracker to try.

Assurance: There are different types of GPS trackers and it is a legitimate concern to wonder which one will be right for your drivers. To determine what you need, evaluate your largest business challenges. If managing scheduled vehicle maintenance is a difficult task for your fleet, then choosing a GPS tracker with the ability to give maintenance reminders is where you will want to start. If you want to categorize your fleets based on vehicle type or geographical location, then you will want a platform that has hierarchy capabilities. These are just a few common examples of what people look for in a GPS tracker. You may have other important factors to examine. Researching different GPS tracker features and benefits will aid you in knowing the appropriate questions to ask of your GPS tracker provider.

The best way to see if your fleet will benefit from GPS tracker technology is to try it out. Although it seems daunting at first glance, the reasons to implement a GPS tracker certainly outweigh the fears.

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Common Fears of Implementing a GPS Tracker: Part 1

GPS Tracker: Debunking Your Fears

So, you’ve heard that a GPS tracker could be a smart investment for your fleet drivers, but you’re still fearful of purchasing? Perhaps as a business owner, with fleets of drivers, all you worry about is keeping your head above water so you haven’t really taken the time to think about whether a GPS tracker really could be a great investment for your business. Maybe you haven’t been willing to hash out the budgeting details or research what a GPS tracker is all about due to fear that it isn’t worth it. In part one of this series we will give you little assurance about the benefit of GPS trackers.

Your Fear: I don’t think it can help.

Assurance: You can use a GPS tracker to know if your fleet drivers are speeding, obeying traffic laws, to see how many miles they drove and whether they are idling unnecessarily. You can easily see on a live access GPS tracker map where your vehicles are and what they are doing. You can also provide your drivers with turn-by-turn directions to avoid construction zones or high traffic areas, which gets your drivers to their destinations quicker and safer.  A GPS tracker can also be programmed to schedule reminders for you, informing you when vehicle maintenance is due. All of this knowledge is at your fingertips thanks to a GPS tracker. Having the ability to monitor fleets is a fantastic way to excel your business’ customer service, efficiency and productivity.

All of that sounds pretty good, right? Stayed tuned for part two of this series where we will debunk a few more fears you may have and outline more ways that GPS tracking is a smart investment for the future of your business.

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GPS Tracker Can Lower Your Auto Insurance Rates

GPS Tracker: Obtain Auto Insurance Discounts

Auto insurance is something everyone is required to have. It’s that pesky necessity that everyone hates due to added monthly expense, but what if there were a way your fleet could actually save money on auto insurance?

You might be thinking that simply informing the insurance company verbally about your safest drivers out in the field will get you somewhere, but all it will get you is, possibly, applause or a pat on the back. That’s nice, but what you really want is proof to show the insurance companies that you really do have safe drivers out there. A GPS tracker is your ticket to obtaining auto insurance discounts. With a GPS tracker monitoring your fleets you will have evidence that your drivers are following driving laws and that they are in compliance with speed limits.

Having unsafe drivers can raise insurance rates by an average of 12.5 percent. Realistically, there is no sure-fire way to know if you are hiring only safe drivers. Your solution to that would be to use GPS trackers in your fleet vehicles to help boost driver performance. When people know they are being observed, they tend to operate more efficiently. One great thing about a GPS tracker is that it can record harsh breaking, acceleration levels, and ongoing driving speed. By auditing drivers you can maintain evidence that your drivers really are the safest drivers out on the road. In this way, you can save your company from being slapped with higher insurance rates.

As an added bonus, many insurance companies will even give businesses that utilize a GPS tracker system in their vehicles a discount. Not only do GPS trackers improve safety, they also decreases the chance of theft. With a live access GPS tracker map you can pinpoint where fleets are at and receive alerts about unauthorized vehicle movement. If something saves an insurance company from having to work a claim, they tend to appreciate it, because they can save money and time. GPS tracker is like the insurance company’s best friend in that regard.

So, just because you have to have auto insurance doesn’t mean it needs to be a pain the neck. Leave it to a GPS tracker to help you lower your auto insurance rates by being able to provide you with the proof you need to show that your drivers are safe and that your business is a low risk client to insurance companies.

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