The GPS Tracker Tool Belt: Part 1

The right tools GPS tracker

GPS Tracker: Providing the necessary tools needed for the job.

When a business owner is looking to implement a GPS tracker system they usually have a few main reasons in mind. The most common reason is usually the monetary value that a GPS tracker adds, but the additional perks that contribute to that healthier bottom line far exceed original expectations.A GPS tracker system consists of a multitude of reports and tools designed to give you detailed information about the inner workings of your business. In addition, we offer our clients a look at items they would never have come across. Having access to these additional tools in your tool belt could be just what you need to jump ahead of your competition and place you on top of your market.

We know that in any business, especially small business, every dollar has a place. Our job is to help you stretch that dollar to create room for growth and expansion. Our GPS tracker tool belt grants you access to game-changing information in several keys areas where you might have room to improve.

Driver report card: GPS trackers will give you an overall report on how your drivers are doing. We find the accountability it offers to be one of the biggest benefits of GPS tracking period. You can access your drivers computerized time sheet, as opposed to just trusting they are clocking honest hours worked. You will know if they were where they were supposed to be, when they were supposed to be there. You will clearly see the big picture of their journey from the time they turned on the engine, to the time they shut it off.

Geofences: This GPS tracker feature is a great way to keep your vehicles and equipment safe. Geofences allow you to set parameters of all shapes and sizes around a certain area. If your driver is stopping for the night and will not be in their vehicle, a boundary can be set until they return. If the vehicle goes outside of that small boundary before they return, you will receive an alert from the GPS tracker system. This is also a way to double check that drivers who may already be on surveillance do not violate the boundaries you have set.

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