GPS Tracker….The New Truancy Officer?

Child GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker: Changing the world.

The days of cutting class is over for middle school students in Australia. To combat a high truancy statistic, the parents and teachers of the district have used GPS trackers to monitor their students, bringing attendance from 68% to 90%. This improvement shows yet another great way GPS trackers are changing the world.

The Australian middle school is using a program that taps into the school’s attendance system through the connectivity of an app called “message you.” When the child is absent, not only do the parents receive an update, they also receive information on their child’s current whereabouts. This app puts responsibility back into the hands of the parents. Knowing where their child is located through a GPS tracker, they can get a head start in tracking them down and working to improve their desire to gain an education at a younger age.

If this trend picks up world-wide, GPS trackers could really be responsible for a shift in the economy. Since the program is available for every social class, more children have a chance of continued education, potentially pulling more individuals out of their direction of poverty. GPS trackers could ideally change the path (no pun intended) of those individuals steering toward the drop-out percentage. This program, made possible through GPS tracking, could become that added element of accountability, for both the student and the parent. No longer can a parent dismiss their responsibility by saying “I don’t know where my child is.” They will know exactly where their child is, whether that is at school, or a location they should not be.

Among the good that could come from keeping more children in school, a GPS tracker could also add security. Having access to a child’s location may be a life-saver should an Amber Alert arise.

While those opposed to this type of monitoring say that GPS trackers on children would be intrusive and acts as “Big Brother,” no one can deny that in this case, this use of a GPS tracker could save lives and give others a bigger and brighter future.

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