If GPS Trackers Worked For Everything…

GPS Tracker lostandfound

GPS Tracker: “Has anyone seen my _______?”

Growing up in a house of four children meant that our house was never really clean. We lived in a constant state of going to “this activity” and “that activity,” using “these items” before having the chance to put away “that item.” One word to describe the path we would leave in a matter of minutes would be, “Disaster.” We were used to living in a constant state of disarray, and our mother, who grew up in the home of a neat freak, had taken on the philosophy, “If you can’t be ‘em, join ‘em,”…EXCEPT for when we were on vacation and staying in a hotel. When we were staying somewhere besides our home we all became accustomed to the game, “Has anyone seen my ______?” She wanted a vacation from the mess, so she would spend her entire time putting things away in places we would never think they would be; closets, drawers, etc.

The “Has anyone seen my ______?” game in undoubtable one of the most popular games in houses around the world. The commonality of the game leaves us all thinking about how nice having a GPS tracker for all of these items would really be. Just think about the fights a GPS tracker would keep from happening, the time a GPS tracker would save, the frustration a GPS tracker would keep at bay.

If a GPS tracker were linked to our most lost possessions the world would be a different place.

The missing car keys: How many fights have followed the words, “Have you seen my car keys?” A GPS tracker on car keys would add years to a marriage.

The missing purse: Losing a purse is a bite of humble pie for women everywhere. For a woman, losing her purse is like losing part of her identity for a moment in time. Every stray tissue, every tube of lipstick, every single item plays an integral part of her existence. A GPS tracker would preserve her sanity, and that of those around her for that matter.

The missing remote: If you have watched or have been that man looking for the remote on game day, you understand the importance a GPS tracker would play in this situation. The search for the remote takes a village. Losing the remote before the game is like that of losing a family member, and locating it requires all hands on deck.

The missing sock: The missing sock is a global problem that has been a crisis since socks were invented. With GPS trackers on the job, the mystery would be solved and we would all be better for it.

Bonus: How about using a GPS tracker to put a geo-fence around that last piece of cake. If the perimeter is breached, you will know, giving you ample time to stop the perpetrator in their tracks.

So, GPS tracking may not be available in this way, but we can dream right?

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