GPS Tracker Solutions for the Proactive Business: Part 2

Prepared GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker: The proactive advantage.

As a fleet manager, you must be proactive in planning, so when something unexpected comes up, you are not thrown off guard and left in a bind.

We have identified a few problems that can and will occur. Without a GPS tracker, you could be left with major problems. We believe a GPS tracker system is the solution in almost any case, best and worst.

Problem: One of your drivers has a breakdown on the side of the road before arriving to the location of an emergency service call. There is no way they will make the appointment in time.

GPS Tracker Solution: With a GPS tracker, our hope is that breakdowns are less likely to occur because of our maintenance alerts that keep your vehicles in tip-top shape. If a breakdown occurred because of a problem in the road, a GPS tracker could locate a replacement for the job, based on the location and you can send help to your stranded driver.

Problem: One of your driver’s arrives at the job location… minus an important tool needed to complete the job.

GPS Tracker Solution: Instead of that driver having to leave your client to drive all the way back to your hub to get the tool, with a GPS tracker, one click is all it takes to find out who is in close proximity to the job site. Once located, send this driver over with the tool. This will save you time, money, and face. The client does not even have to know that the crucial tool is missing.

Problem: One of your drivers scheduled for an early morning job calls in sick.

GPS Tracker Solution: This scenario really has the tendency to wreck the entire day, leaving everyone with a sense of disorganization while playing catch-up. A GPS tracker system allows you to locate where your service vehicles are and which is closest to the job. If that individual is already taking a job, figure out if switching assignments would be a better use of time and fuel, if so re-assign the job. GPS tracking is a way to make better use of the time you have available during the day.

A GPS tracker system once again saves the day. Your clients are happy, your workers are happy, you are happy.

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