GPS Tracker Solutions for the Proactive Business: Part 1

Prepared GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker: Be Prepared

A wise soul once said, “Hope for the best but plan for the worst.” This is good advice when managing a fleet. You can hope that the day will run without a hitch, but there always remains that chance a hiccup will occur at the most inconvenient time. A GPS tracker is your way of planning for the worst.

We thought of a few scenarios that will make your stomach churn. If you have been in business for even a small span of time, you have probably already encountered something similar to at least one of these, and unfortunately, if you have not, you will. These are real life examples that could really put your company in a hard spot and your reputation on the line.

Despite the fact that several of these are really out of your control, some clients will not care about your reason when in the midst of their current “crisis,” big or small. A GPS tracker is the safety net for these types of situations. With the click of a button, your dispatchers will have a number of tools to quickly create a solution.

Problem: One of your drivers calls to say he is stuck in a traffic jam on his way to a job across town, and by the looks of the news helicopters flying above, the chances of moving anytime soon is slim to none.

GPS Tracker Solution: With a GPS tracker, you can guide the driver to the location another way. If stuck on the highway with no access to an exit, you can pinpoint the closest driver and re-assign the job.

Problem: On the way to a job, your driver leaves your vehicle idle to run inside a convenient store for a moment. When they come back outside, the truck is gone.

GPS Tracker Solution: Normally after filing a police report, you would have to just play the waiting game on whether the vehicle would be returned in one piece. A GPS tracker gives you access to the exact location of the vehicle so that when you are calling the police, you can tell them exactly where they need to go. Come back Wednesday for part 2!

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