Attention Small Business Owners, GPS Trackers Benefit You Too!

GPS Tracker: A powerful tool for any size business.

Many small businesses have the misconception that a GPS Tracker system is only for large scale companies with tons of vehicles in their fleet, but this could not be further from the truth. While we do have our larger clients, we also know the value that GPS trackers adds to the small business. Whether you are managing 200 vehicles or managing 2, a GPS tracker system is the solution for you.

You might ask yourself how the same GPS tracker software that is used on fleets in the hundreds could be relevant to your fleet of a few and we understand your concern. At US Fleet Tracking, we understand that a small business encounters a unique set of challenges which is why our GPS tracker software is designed to cater to all sizes.

Discounting the addition of a GPS tracker system to your business because of size, could really be holding you back. We understand that one of the biggest challenges you face as a small business is that you have to wear so many hats. Where a large company employs hundreds of professionals to keep each department running efficiently, to cut costs, you are managing these departments on your own. The problem we see with this type of system is that you are not only taking away time from other time-sensitive tasks, your burning of the midnight oil leaves you open for more errors.

We give you access to many items that will simplify the way you do business, which intern offers you the commodity of time. Some of these items include:

Maintenance reminders
A user-friendly system interface with 24/7 access
Live traffic and weather reports
Turn-by-turn directions
Geofenses that notify you if a vehicle has left a set perimeter
Employee reports
Timesheet and payroll
Gas mileage/speed/idling reports
Driver behavior reports
Interactive maps that grant you a snapshot of your business in real-time

We would love the opportunity to talk with you in detail why these features are so beneficial and create a plan to make your job a whole lot easier. Give us a call to find out more at 405.726.9900! To view our GPS Tracker selection Click Here.

The GPS Tracker Tool Belt: Part 2

GPS Tracker: The right tools for the job!

GPS trackers offer companies everywhere a robust collection of reporting tools that really come in handy for those looking to eliminate unnecessary expenses and beef up their bottom line.

If a driver report card and Geofence technology were not enough to convince you of how beneficial GPS a tracker can be, here are a few more ways that GPS trackers will revolutionize the way you do business.

Multiple state reports: If you are a nationwide company and require your employees to keep track of information from each state, a GPS tracker system will make your jobs so much easier. We offer reports that will give you a breakdown of all the information you will need without room for error that occurs through guess work. State miles report will save you so much time and offer you better accuracy across the board.

Mileage: Upon accessing your mileage report, you will notice gas mileage, maintenance schedules, vehicle reports, and much more. At one glance, you will have the GPS tracker tools and info that could potentially keep you from liabilities down the road.

Driver speed behavior: When this report is opened, the GPS tracker system will display charts that highlight by color, your driver’s speed habits. If you see certain drivers are continuously going too fast, you can proactively mitigate the problem before it causes too much wear and tear on your vehicle, or even worse, causes and accident. By creating a safer driver, you are also less of a liability to your insurance company. If you notice that your drivers are continueing to go lower than the speed limit, you have the opportunity to look into the possibility of a better route to and from that destination.

Nip excessive idling in the bud: Idling is one of the biggest ways to watch your money go out the window. Many people have a misconceptions about the waste of fuel involved in idling. We have heard, “If I’m not driving, I am not wasting gas,” or, “stopping and then restarting the engine wastes more gas than if I just leave the engine running.” These falsehoods lead to more money loss than we care to discuss. A GPS tracker, will provide the proof you need to those stuck in this incorrect mentality.

Believe it or not, this is not the end of the list of features and reports we offer at US Fleet Tracking. Our GPS tracker systems offer our clients many more tools for their tool belts. We would love the opportunity to visit with you about your business goals for the upcoming quarter, and how implement a GPS tracker system can help you get there.

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The GPS Tracker Tool Belt: Part 1

GPS Tracker: Providing the necessary tools needed for the job.

When a business owner is looking to implement a GPS tracker system they usually have a few main reasons in mind. The most common reason is usually the monetary value that a GPS tracker adds, but the additional perks that contribute to that healthier bottom line far exceed original expectations.A GPS tracker system consists of a multitude of reports and tools designed to give you detailed information about the inner workings of your business. In addition, we offer our clients a look at items they would never have come across. Having access to these additional tools in your tool belt could be just what you need to jump ahead of your competition and place you on top of your market.

We know that in any business, especially small business, every dollar has a place. Our job is to help you stretch that dollar to create room for growth and expansion. Our GPS tracker tool belt grants you access to game-changing information in several keys areas where you might have room to improve.

Driver report card: GPS trackers will give you an overall report on how your drivers are doing. We find the accountability it offers to be one of the biggest benefits of GPS tracking period. You can access your drivers computerized time sheet, as opposed to just trusting they are clocking honest hours worked. You will know if they were where they were supposed to be, when they were supposed to be there. You will clearly see the big picture of their journey from the time they turned on the engine, to the time they shut it off.

Geofences: This GPS tracker feature is a great way to keep your vehicles and equipment safe. Geofences allow you to set parameters of all shapes and sizes around a certain area. If your driver is stopping for the night and will not be in their vehicle, a boundary can be set until they return. If the vehicle goes outside of that small boundary before they return, you will receive an alert from the GPS tracker system. This is also a way to double check that drivers who may already be on surveillance do not violate the boundaries you have set.

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GPS Trackers Save Lives in the Autistic Community

GPS Tracker adds a  layer of safety.

In the Autism community, “Elopement,” is a term given to the action of a person leaving a safe area without notice or permission. When an autistic individual elopes, they many times will put themselves in a very dangerous position, and in many cases unfortunately, this elopement leads to their premature death. Non-verbal individuals are in even greater danger since they cannot communicate any information about themselves that would give authorities a way to help them locate their families.

In October of 2013, Avonte Oquendo, a 14-year-old autistic boy, disappeared, thus starting a citywide search that ended in tragedy when his remains were found months later. His death brought on awareness of the dangers involved in autistic elopement. This heightened awareness birthed “Avonte’s Law” which employs the assistance of GPS tracker devices given to the families of autistic children. If Avonte’s family had access to a GPS tracker, they would have been able to located him before he entered harms way.

Consistency is important to a child with autism, therefore, a GPS tracker device can, in theory, be installed in virtually anything; inside that armband they refuse to remove, their favorite t-shirt, etc. A GPS tracker keeps these children on surveillance at all times, and will monitor their movements so even if they elope, they are not far from their safe return.

We know the good what GPS trackers can do in the commercial world, so to think about that same technology saving the lives of autistic children everywhere is exciting. Just as we use geofences to secure our vehicles and equipment from theft, that same GPS tracking technology can alert parents and caregivers should a child elope from a certain location.

With GPS a tracker, the possibilities are endless and while they will not bring Avonte back, the newly raised awareness means that his short life still carries so much meaning. He will remain the pioneer who paved the way to saving many other lives in the Autistic Community.

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GPS Tracker….The New Truancy Officer?

GPS Tracker: Changing the world.

The days of cutting class is over for middle school students in Australia. To combat a high truancy statistic, the parents and teachers of the district have used GPS trackers to monitor their students, bringing attendance from 68% to 90%. This improvement shows yet another great way GPS trackers are changing the world.

The Australian middle school is using a program that taps into the school’s attendance system through the connectivity of an app called “message you.” When the child is absent, not only do the parents receive an update, they also receive information on their child’s current whereabouts. This app puts responsibility back into the hands of the parents. Knowing where their child is located through a GPS tracker, they can get a head start in tracking them down and working to improve their desire to gain an education at a younger age.

If this trend picks up world-wide, GPS trackers could really be responsible for a shift in the economy. Since the program is available for every social class, more children have a chance of continued education, potentially pulling more individuals out of their direction of poverty. GPS trackers could ideally change the path (no pun intended) of those individuals steering toward the drop-out percentage. This program, made possible through GPS tracking, could become that added element of accountability, for both the student and the parent. No longer can a parent dismiss their responsibility by saying “I don’t know where my child is.” They will know exactly where their child is, whether that is at school, or a location they should not be.

Among the good that could come from keeping more children in school, a GPS tracker could also add security. Having access to a child’s location may be a life-saver should an Amber Alert arise.

While those opposed to this type of monitoring say that GPS trackers on children would be intrusive and acts as “Big Brother,” no one can deny that in this case, this use of a GPS tracker could save lives and give others a bigger and brighter future.

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If GPS Trackers Worked For Everything…

GPS Tracker: “Has anyone seen my _______?”

Growing up in a house of four children meant that our house was never really clean. We lived in a constant state of going to “this activity” and “that activity,” using “these items” before having the chance to put away “that item.” One word to describe the path we would leave in a matter of minutes would be, “Disaster.” We were used to living in a constant state of disarray, and our mother, who grew up in the home of a neat freak, had taken on the philosophy, “If you can’t be ‘em, join ‘em,”…EXCEPT for when we were on vacation and staying in a hotel. When we were staying somewhere besides our home we all became accustomed to the game, “Has anyone seen my ______?” She wanted a vacation from the mess, so she would spend her entire time putting things away in places we would never think they would be; closets, drawers, etc.

The “Has anyone seen my ______?” game in undoubtable one of the most popular games in houses around the world. The commonality of the game leaves us all thinking about how nice having a GPS tracker for all of these items would really be. Just think about the fights a GPS tracker would keep from happening, the time a GPS tracker would save, the frustration a GPS tracker would keep at bay.

If a GPS tracker were linked to our most lost possessions the world would be a different place.

The missing car keys: How many fights have followed the words, “Have you seen my car keys?” A GPS tracker on car keys would add years to a marriage.

The missing purse: Losing a purse is a bite of humble pie for women everywhere. For a woman, losing her purse is like losing part of her identity for a moment in time. Every stray tissue, every tube of lipstick, every single item plays an integral part of her existence. A GPS tracker would preserve her sanity, and that of those around her for that matter.

The missing remote: If you have watched or have been that man looking for the remote on game day, you understand the importance a GPS tracker would play in this situation. The search for the remote takes a village. Losing the remote before the game is like that of losing a family member, and locating it requires all hands on deck.

The missing sock: The missing sock is a global problem that has been a crisis since socks were invented. With GPS trackers on the job, the mystery would be solved and we would all be better for it.

Bonus: How about using a GPS tracker to put a geo-fence around that last piece of cake. If the perimeter is breached, you will know, giving you ample time to stop the perpetrator in their tracks.

So, GPS tracking may not be available in this way, but we can dream right?

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Our Favorite Ways A GPS Tracker Saves You Money: Part 2

GPS Tracker: Save your hard earned cash

Saving our customers money is one of our very favorite things to do. We love to hear the countless success stories of how a customer started using a GPS tracker for one reason and found it helped greatly in another area as well. We never get tired of that kind of news.

If you are in the market to save money, we hope our favorite ways to save you money will strike a cord for you.

Cut down those pesky maintenance costs: No maintenance cost is fun, but the worst kind is the one that could have been avoided. Those are the kind that make you want to repeatedly kick yourself. A GPS tracker will save you from that kick by offering you maintenance alerts that will remind you when your vehicles are due for routine maintenance. Prevention is key. If you can keep up with areas that could be problematic down the road, you are going to save yourself a lot of money in the long run.

Employee Accountability: A GPS tracker is a way to discover if your employees are doing what they should be doing when they say they are doing it. Businesses of all sizes know the importance of their employees putting in an honest day’s work, and a GPS is tracker the accountability everyone needs.

Cut the Gas Costs: How much money are you wasting in gas costs? If you take closer look, you are probably losing more money than you care to think about! A GPS tracker helps you stretch that gas dollar by giving your drivers more efficient route to and from their destinations and keeping track of your idling time.

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Our Favorite Ways A GPS Tracker Saves You Money: Part 1

GPS Tracker: Favorite money savers!

We are in the habit of saving our customers money. Those who have used a GPS tracker even for a few weeks know the tremendous savings our services offer. Those who are still on the fence about making the investment in a GPS tracker system might benefit from knowing the “How” surrounding the savings.

We love to share the various reasons that GPS tracker will not save you money, but will help you make more of it. We will highlight our favorite five.

1. Cut the insurance bill: GPS tracker offers customers the maintenance alerts that make break-downs and problems less likely to occur. Insurance companies love the fact that those with GPS trackers are less of a liability. Cutting insurance costs will give you money to put elsewhere.

2. Top-notch customer service: When a company implements a GPS tracker system, they have the ability to pin-point where their drivers are at all times. What this means for customers:

Faster scheduling: The interactive map displays where drivers are and who is free to take a job. No more calling around to every driver to figure out who can take a job. With a GPS tracker, dispatchers can ideally schedule a job while the potential customer is still on the phone.

Faster arrival to a job: Since a GPS tracker system gives dispatchers the exact location of those drivers who are available, they will be able to send the one closest to the job. The GPS tracker will give the drivers turn-by-turn instructions. Not only that, a GPS tracker knows where bad weather is, congestion from traffic, etc. This feature will navigate drivers around anything standing in the way of getting to the job as fast as possible.

Shorter “wait window”: No one likes to be told, “Please be available between 8am and 5pm.” Leaving a customer on house arrest the entire day is unacceptable and will more than likely give them a reason to look for a company using a GPS tracker system.

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GPS Tracker Solutions for the Proactive Business: Part 2

GPS Tracker: The proactive advantage.

As a fleet manager, you must be proactive in planning, so when something unexpected comes up, you are not thrown off guard and left in a bind.

We have identified a few problems that can and will occur. Without a GPS tracker, you could be left with major problems. We believe a GPS tracker system is the solution in almost any case, best and worst.

Problem: One of your drivers has a breakdown on the side of the road before arriving to the location of an emergency service call. There is no way they will make the appointment in time.

GPS Tracker Solution: With a GPS tracker, our hope is that breakdowns are less likely to occur because of our maintenance alerts that keep your vehicles in tip-top shape. If a breakdown occurred because of a problem in the road, a GPS tracker could locate a replacement for the job, based on the location and you can send help to your stranded driver.

Problem: One of your driver’s arrives at the job location… minus an important tool needed to complete the job.

GPS Tracker Solution: Instead of that driver having to leave your client to drive all the way back to your hub to get the tool, with a GPS tracker, one click is all it takes to find out who is in close proximity to the job site. Once located, send this driver over with the tool. This will save you time, money, and face. The client does not even have to know that the crucial tool is missing.

Problem: One of your drivers scheduled for an early morning job calls in sick.

GPS Tracker Solution: This scenario really has the tendency to wreck the entire day, leaving everyone with a sense of disorganization while playing catch-up. A GPS tracker system allows you to locate where your service vehicles are and which is closest to the job. If that individual is already taking a job, figure out if switching assignments would be a better use of time and fuel, if so re-assign the job. GPS tracking is a way to make better use of the time you have available during the day.

A GPS tracker system once again saves the day. Your clients are happy, your workers are happy, you are happy.

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GPS Tracker Solutions for the Proactive Business: Part 1

GPS Tracker: Be Prepared

A wise soul once said, “Hope for the best but plan for the worst.” This is good advice when managing a fleet. You can hope that the day will run without a hitch, but there always remains that chance a hiccup will occur at the most inconvenient time. A GPS tracker is your way of planning for the worst.

We thought of a few scenarios that will make your stomach churn. If you have been in business for even a small span of time, you have probably already encountered something similar to at least one of these, and unfortunately, if you have not, you will. These are real life examples that could really put your company in a hard spot and your reputation on the line.

Despite the fact that several of these are really out of your control, some clients will not care about your reason when in the midst of their current “crisis,” big or small. A GPS tracker is the safety net for these types of situations. With the click of a button, your dispatchers will have a number of tools to quickly create a solution.

Problem: One of your drivers calls to say he is stuck in a traffic jam on his way to a job across town, and by the looks of the news helicopters flying above, the chances of moving anytime soon is slim to none.

GPS Tracker Solution: With a GPS tracker, you can guide the driver to the location another way. If stuck on the highway with no access to an exit, you can pinpoint the closest driver and re-assign the job.

Problem: On the way to a job, your driver leaves your vehicle idle to run inside a convenient store for a moment. When they come back outside, the truck is gone.

GPS Tracker Solution: Normally after filing a police report, you would have to just play the waiting game on whether the vehicle would be returned in one piece. A GPS tracker gives you access to the exact location of the vehicle so that when you are calling the police, you can tell them exactly where they need to go. Come back Wednesday for part 2!

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