10.31.14 Trick Or Treat With A GPS Tracker

HALLOWEEN gps tracker

GPS Tracker: Happy Halloween!

While you are chauffeuring the ghosts, goblins, and Taylor Swift around town tonight, you may start wishing you could have the convenience of a GPS tracker in your personal life too. Although we only specialize in business GPS tracker systems, we like to think about how much easier life would be if a dispatcher was using our technology to get us to and from our personal destinations.

We can all agree that a GPS Tracker while Trick-or-treating would be very convenient. We had fun thinking of just a few of those ways.

Last minute costumes: “Daddy, I don’t have a crown to put on top of my Frozen wig!” Finding a last minute costume this close to trick-or-treating time could be a nightmare on Elm Street! A GPS tracker could help you find the closest Halloween stores that may carry this hot selling item.

Avoid Traffic Jams: Nothing is worse than getting stuck in Halloween traffic. Traffic on a regular day is bad, but being stuck in traffic with extra rowdy kids hyped up on sugar, could be devastating to the central nervous system. With a GPS tracker giving turn-by-turn instructions, you would never have to worry about Halloween congestion on the road. You could also figure out which areas of town have the most visitors, indicating where the candy is located.

Halloween night is no time for a breakdown: GPS trackers offer maintenance alerts that could remind you when your vehicle was in need of routine maintenance. Routine maintenance would mean less break-downs. The best way to keep your car from breaking down on the creepiest night of the year would be keeping up with its maintenance. This also would mean more time for candy stops. If you spend time on the side of the road instead of searching for candy, the kids would not be happy, and they would let you know about it.

So the bad news is, we cannot help you navigate your trick-or-treating via a GPS tracker, the good news is, we can help navigate your professional life. We offer so many features, you should really check out once you have come off of your sugar high.

Have a safe and fun evening! Give us a call to find out more at 405.726.9900! To view our GPS Tracker selection Click Here.