A GPS Tracker Would Ruin Horror Movies: Part 2

GPS Tracker Horror Movie

Could a GPS tracker make horror movies not so horrible?

In the spirit of Halloween, we thought we’d dress the blog up in costume and imagine how we could save our favorite scary movie characters from the horror awaiting them down the road. A GPS tracker could give those movies a different heroic twist.

For instance, in the movie Breakdown starring Kurt Russell, Jeff and his wife Amy are left stranded in the desert on the side of the road. Amy ends up hitching a ride from a random truck driver leading them to a night of unspeakable horror.

With a GPS tracker a dispatcher would have been able to pin-point their exact location to send trustworthy help. If they still encountered the truck driver mishap, the company he drove for would have been able to track the exact route he took when he kidnapped Amy. A GPS tracker could have saved Jeff an entire movie of searching for her and they could have easily avoided said night of horror.

Any Zombie movie. Period: The Zombie Apocalypse is a large topic of interest around this time of year. Surviving a zombie movie would be a whole lot easier with a GPS tracker.

Setting Geo Fences – Knowing boundaries is critical to surviving a zombie movie. Zombies are sneaky. The element of surprise is one of their biggest weapons. Setting boundaries around vehicles that would alert characters of a boundary breach would give drivers time to plan an appropriate escape. Furthermore, with the help of a GPS tracker, drivers would gain access to another route to better outrun the zombies.

Real-time traffic alerts – A GPS tracker would allow drivers to see which roads are packed with zombies and where the coast is clear. Avoiding zombie congestion on the road is a non-negotiable and now avoidable risk thanks to the GPS tracker.

Maintenance Alerts: The Zombie Apocalypse is neither the time or the place for a break-down. One of our favorite features of a GPS tracker is the maintenance alert. Routine maintenance reminders are a good way to secure a vehicle’s health before it gives up the ghost at the most inopportune time; as one usually does in a zombie flick.

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